Together: Building an Inclusive Youth Sector is an online A guide or bit of information that helps people understand ideas or their work better.resource that has been designed by disabled young people working with youth workers for the Victorian Workers who support young people to achieve their goals or growth or help them in bad times.youth sector .

This resource supports the Victorian youth sector and those who work with young people to be more accessible and inclusive of disabled young people. Together ensures that disabled young people have their human rights met and are able to access the same services and community activities as everyone else.

Click through the articles to learn more about what you can do to make your organisation more accessible and inclusive for disabled young people.

The articles cover ideas and values, up-to-date information and offer some practical actions to implement. We use identity-first language throughout this resource. You can learn why by reading this blog by one of our former steering committee members, or by going to this page in the Together resource.

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Values and Ideas

Practical Ideas


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