In 2023, 10 disabled young co-designers, YDAS, the Victorian Department of Education and Blend Creative worked together to help more disabled young students take part in Disability Inclusion Profile meetings. We created a booklet to learn about the Disability Inclusion Profile (Profile) and prepare for the Profile meeting. We also created communication cards to express thoughts and feelings.

You are very welcome to download these two resources! If you are a parent, teacher or staff at school who knows a Disability Inclusion Profile is going to happen, you can give these to your student. If you are a student, you can download them and start using them straight away.


Click the links below to download the booklet or print it from your device:

Disability Inclusion Profile Information (pdf- online viewing)

Disability Inclusion Profile Information (accessible word version)

Disability Inclusion Profile Information (pdf - for internal, personal printing)

Disability Inclusion Profile Information (pdf- for external, professional printing)

Teachers or school staff can fill this out first, then students can add to it.

Fill out the spaces that look like Orange arrow pointing right ..................................

School staff

  • Print this booklet on A4 paper in portrait-orientation.
  • Fill out spaces that you can fill out to help personalise the booklet.
  • Add the names and roles of people you know will be involved in the student’s Profile.
  • Share this booklet with the student as soon as they know a Disability Inclusion Profile meeting is going to happen, ideally by both email and in hard copy.
  • Support the student to use this booklet in a way that works for them. You can ask them about what might help!


  • You can use this booklet to learn about the Disability Inclusion Profile (Profile) and prepare for the Profile meeting.
  • You can do the activities in this booklet to help you prepare for the Profile meeting.
  • You can read and use as much or as little of this booklet as you want.
  • You can ask someone else to read this booklet and help you to use it.
  • You can share your booklet with the people who will attend the Profile meeting.

Click here to listen to the audio version of the booklet.

Communication cards

Click this link to download the communication cards or print the, from your device:

Communication cards

Communication cards (1 x 1)

Communication cards (A4)

How to use these communication cards

  • You can print these out on an A4 piece of paper. You can cut them out or point to them.
  • You can also save them to a phone, tablet or computer and point to the screen.
  • These cards can help you express what you are thinking or feeling without the need to speak or if you are not sure of the right words to use.
  • If you use other types of communication cards, you can add these to what you use in your Profile meeting. We made these cards to be specific to the Profile meeting and things that might come up.