The YDAS Programs Team uses their lived expertise and professional experience to offer a variety of fee-for-service programs.  

We work directly with young people, organisations, workers and individuals to build your skills, capacity and engagement, based on your needs.  

Our team have expertise in: 

  • Access and inclusion 

  • Youth and disability engagement 

  • Co-design 

  • Consultation
  • Advocacy and more! 

Our programs are run to be fully accessible both online and in-person. 


How to book 

We are taking bookings for projects, training and custom work for 2024. Scroll down for more about our offerings!

To express your interest, and find out pricing and delivery formats, book a meeting with a member of our Programs Team. 

Alternatively, you can call, text or email our team: 

Phone: 0472 635 607 


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Our Offerings 

For organisations, workers and volunteers

Together: Access & Inclusion Training 

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Disabled young people co-designed our Award-Winning  Together  Training, and co-facilitate the interactive & engaging training course.  

Together Training supports people who work with young people and the community to be more accessible and inclusive of young people with disability.  

We also offer ongoing implementation support once you complete Together Training, to support you to turn your learnings into action! 

Structure: 4 hours, typically split into 2x 2-hours sessions 

Format: Online or in-person 

Participants:Up to 30 

You will learn: 

  • The impact of assumptions and how to challenge them, 

  • How to ask good questions to disabled young people, 

  • How to understand disability models, 

  • The complexities of disability and language,  

  • About intersectional disabled experiences, 

  • How to commit to access & inclusion, 

  • How to plan, communicate, deliver & review accessible work, 

  • About access keys & social scripts and practice using them. 


Custom Worker/Organisation Skill Building Training 

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Our custom training is designed and delivered by our expert disabled young staff. The learning goals, training structure, format and delivery are all up to you, and we can support your organisation or team to learn and develop your skills in many areas.  

Just a few of the many areas we have run Custom Training in include: 

  • Neurodivergence & Disability 

  • Queerness & Disability 

  • Intersectionality and Lived Experience 

  • Accessibility in Education 

  • Accessible Trauma-Informed Practice in the Family Violence Sector 

Custom Training can be delivered in a variety of formats, including interactive training, webinar-style content, guest speaker sessions, panel presentations and more – depending on what your needs are! 

Train the Trainer Training

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We offer Train the Trainer Training for organisations interested in running our Young Leaders Program with young people they work with. We will support you with gaining facilitation skills, an understanding of our content and how to deliver it, provide tips and insights on activities and discussions, and answer any of your questions.

You’ll be provided with all of the materials you’ll need to run the workshops, including a runsheet, PowerPoint, workbooks, and timing schedule.

For young people

Accessible Facilitation Training  

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Our expert and lived experience facilitators run Accessible Facilitation Training for young people who want to build their confidence and skills in managing group spaces, leading projects and communication.   

Structure: 9-hours, typically split into 3x 3-hour sessions 

Format: Online or in-person 

Participants: Up to 25 

You will learn:  

  • What facilitation is and what makes a facilitator,  

  • How to understand cues and be confident,  

  • How to set up spaces,  

  • How to facilitate online and in-person,  

  • How to be accessible, 

  • Communication & activity skills,  

  • How to solve problems and manage groups,  

  • What happens ‘behind the scenes’ as a facilitator,  

  • How to use questions & feedback, and,  

  • How to start working as a facilitator.  


Advocacy Training 


Our Self Advocacy training is based on our award-winning Young Leaders and Map Your Future programs. This training is helpful for learning about advocacy and how to practice self-advocacy and advocate for others. In Advocacy Training, participants will learn about:

  • Discovering your positive traits,
  • Your best ways of communicating,
  • What advocacy looks like in practice,
  • Setting goals.

Structure: 4-hours, typically delivered in a single session 

Format: Online or in-person 

Participants: Up to 20 

You will learn: 

  • What makes a good leader, 

  • Discovering your positive traits,  

  • Your best ways of communicating,   

  • What advocacy looks like in practice,  

  • Group reflective practice and understanding each other’s strengths, and, 

  • How and why to set goals. 


Custom Training & Workshops for Young People  

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We are skilled in providing training and workshops on a range of topics designed and delivered by young people for young people. We focus on the following topics, which can be combined into custom training, workshops, and webinars but can also design sessions specifically for your needs. 

The structure, format and participant numbers are all flexible for our custom training and workshops.  

Some examples of custom training topics include: 

  • Youth Leadership, 

  • Knowing your rights, 

  • Advocating for others,  

  • Teamwork and communication,  

  • Setting goals for the future,   

  • Self-discovery,  

  • Accessible communication,  

  • How to understand and use your own strengths.  


Lived experience consultation, design and delivery

Lived Experience Consultation, Design & Delivery 

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Our team of Lived Experience Facilitators have diverse lived experiences and professional backgrounds, which you can utilise through our Lived Experience Consultation, Design and/or Delivery.  

Our team can provide their expertise to: 

  • Develop or review programs, processes, documents or plans, and, 

  • Support you to be meaningfully inclusive of the intersectional groups you want to support.  

We can also support your organisation on both small- and large-scale projects.

Some ways we can support your projects can include: 

  • Facilitate one-off focus groups,  

  • Co-design resources,  

  • Run programs with young people,  

  • Consult with your clients and teams,or, 

  • Re-design your services or programs.  

Informed by a lived experience lens – we can offer you support, collaboration and expertise in leading your work to be accessible and inclusive! The diverse nature of our team means that we can pair facilitators with specific expertise with your needs and goals. 

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Want to work with us in another way? 

We are keen to hear from you! We value working with organisations and people who care about access and inclusion and working with disabled young people. 

If that sounds like you – or you have an idea you want to chat to us about – don't hesitate to reach out! 

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