Over the last few months, our Project Advisory Group (PAG) has co-designed and co-produced some great resources for employers, the wider community and other disabled young people.

Here are the topics covered in these resources:

Resources for employers

Disability Terminology

Our Project Advisory Group of disabled young people have initiated a list of words that you may find helpful. Note that this is not a complete list of everything employers should know, but it is a good place to start. 

Disability Terminology

What is accessibility in the workplace?

Our PAG shared their thoughts on what is accessibility in the workplace.

You can learn more about accessibility in the workplace through the following links:

Employment Video Series

In this video series, Anna, Fadhil, Renae and Siena shared some insights about employment as a disabled young person.

1. What kind of biases or misconceptions might an employer have?


2. How can employers encourage disability pride in the workplace?


3. What changes would you like employers to make?


4. Did you experience any barriers or challenges through your employment journey?


5. What would you say to another disabled young person looking for a job?

A guide for employers

Check out this free guide which gives employers the information they need to understand disability pride and implement it in the workplace.

The resource has 4 sections:

  • What is disability pride?
  • What are some barriers to disability pride?
  • Why is disability pride important in the workplace?
  • How can you support disability pride for your employees? 

Disability pride - a guide for employers

Resources for the wider community

How to talk with disabled young people

Our PAG shared some useful tips on how to talk with disabled young people in this video.

Commonly asked questionsImage of 6 disabled young people- Anna, Max, Mac, Jessi, Julie and Maya

6 disabled young people responding to some commonly asked questions

1. Is it okay to ask questions?


2. My friend has the same disability as you. Do you know them?


3. Can anyone cure you?


4. Can you have a relationship? 


5. You are so inspirational for doing everyday thing


6. You don't look like someone with a disability


7. Commonly asked questions for Maya Sandon


8. Commonly asked questions for Anna Dang


Click here to see creative content made by around 30 disabled young people who participated in our 'Disability Pride Starts Here' project..