Staff members

Image for Bree O'Dwyer

Bree O'Dwyer

YDAS Youth Disability Advocate

Image for Simon Green

Simon Green

YDAS Project Officer - Youth Leadership

Image for Stacey Christie

Stacey Christie

YDAS Communications Officer

Image for Laura Pettenuzzo

Laura Pettenuzzo

YDAS Resource Development Officer

Image for Jade Maiolo

Jade Maiolo

YDAS Intake Advocate and Admin Officer

Image for Haley Zilberberg

Haley Zilberberg

YDAS Workshop Liaison Officer

Image for Bridget Jolley

Bridget Jolley

YDAS Map Your Future Facilitator

Image for Issy Orosz

Issy Orosz

YDAS Facilitator and Advisor

Image for Kelsey McGowan

Kelsey McGowan

YDAS Human Rights Advocacy Officer & Young Leaders Program Facilitator

Image for Bianca Failla

Bianca Failla

YDAS Human Rights Advocacy Coordinator