Watch YDAS advocates and previous young clients discuss what is advocacy and why might you need it.

Advocacy means speaking up for yourself and others. When you speak up for yourself and your rights this is called self-advocacy. You can also speak up for other people.  

Speaking up is important. It helps ensure your choices and rights are respected and you are being treated fairly. Speaking up also helps others understand what you want and need. 

You can get support to speak up from a professional A professional advocate is someone who supports other people to speak up. It is their job. They make sure people are treated fairly and their rights are being met.advocate. It is their job to help make sure your rights are being met.

A young person in a check sweater and headphones talking to a YDAS advocate.

Get advocacy support

You can access our free advocacy service if you need advice or support. We work with disabled young people in Victoria to make sure you can speak up and are being treated fairly.

Our advocacy service is for disabled young people, aged 12 to 25, in Victoria.

Click here to visit our advocacy support webpage to find out more.

Click here for a list of organisations and services that can support you if YDAS cannot.

Cam, Jessi and Nat chatting on a park bench