Cartoon of disabled people with different access needs and backgrounds

Through this project we want to create a world where young people with and without disability are living, working, playing and socialising together.

We feel that by teaching folks who work with young people how to better understand, communicate and include disabled young people, there will be more opportunities for young people with and without disability to simply be together.

Secondly, Together speaks to the way we imagine the best positive change will happen. It takes everyone in community and society working together to ensure access and inclusion happens. All the staff members in an organisation and all the members of the community need to work together.

Finally, Together speaks to the way we have gone about this project. We have used a When a team includes people who will also use the product or service being model to involve the most important people in the development and delivery of the whole project.

Five disabled co-designers smiling

Meet our first five co-designers (left to right): Tadc, Tess, Stella, Bethany and Campbell

Two groups of disabled young people, 10 in total, were hired as co-designers to work on every aspect of the project in 2019, and update it in 2022. They contributed their lived experience, stories, ideas and passion. In the process, they learnt and practiced their skills in project development, delivery, facilitation, public speaking and teaching others.

Our next six co-designers: Ash, Bridget, Em, Is, Mac and Safe.

Read more on how we co-designed the project.

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