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In Part 2, we will cover:

Who are NDIS Planners and LACs?

When a person is approved to join the NDIS, they become a NDIS participant.

They will be assigned a Someone who works for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). They support NDIS participants and create their NDIS plans.NDIA Planner or A LAC assist people to navigate the NDIS, supports NDIS participants, and puts together their NDIS plans. They do not work directly for the NDIA.Local Area Coordinator (LAC), who will work with them to ensure that they get the right supports through the NDIS.

A NDIA Planner works for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). A LAC does not work directly for the NDIA, and instead works for a NDIS partner organisation.

Partner organisations deliver local area coordination (LAC) services for the National Disability Insurance Scheme in local areas.

In Victoria, the Brotherhood of St Laurence delivers the NDIS across:

  • North East Melbourne
  • Hume Moreland
  • Bayside Peninsula
  • Western Melbourne
  • Brimbank Melton

In Victoria, Latrobe Community Health Service delivers the NDIS across:

  • Barwon
  • Central Highlands
  • Inner Gippsland
  • Outer Gippsland
  • Inner East Melbourne
  • Outer East Melbourne
  • Southern Melbourne
  • Ovens Murray
  • Wimmera South West

In Victoria, Intereach delivers the NDIS across:

  • Loddon
  • Goulburn
  • Mallee

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What is a NDIS planning meeting?

NDIS participants will meet with their Planner or LAC for a planning meeting.

Planning meetings are conversations that can take place over the phone or in-person. The NDIS participant can choose when and where the planning meeting takes place. They can also choose who attends their planning meeting.

If the young person or their family needs an interpreter, the NDIS can provide one.

The information the NDIS participant shares during this meeting will help their Planner or LAC understand what their goals are, what supports are already in place, and what supports they need through the NDIS to achieve their goals.

The Planner or LAC will want to find out more about the young person, their daily life, and their short and long-term goals.

They will also want to know what current supports are in place. These are formal supports like paid support workers, and informal supports like parents or unpaid carers.

The Planner or LAC will use the information given during the planning meeting to create a NDIS plan.

What is a NDIS plan?

A NDIS plan is a document that has information about the NDIS participant. It lists their goals and the supports they will get through the NDIS to achieve their goals. It also details the budget that they will have to pay for these supports.

A NDIS plan can be provided in the NDIS participant's preferred language.

The NDIS participant will receive their NDIS plan after their planning meeting.

If the young person is unhappy with the NDIS plan they receive and they believe that the NDIA's decision is wrong, they can apply for an internal review of the decision.

Click here to find out more about the NDIA's internal review process.