The NDIS website has plenty of information and resources that you might find helpful. For example, the NDIS website has information about reasonable and necessary supports.  

If things aren’t going quite right for a young person in the NDIS, they can ask for a review of their plan by the NDIA.  

They can contact an advocacy service, such as YDAS, and an advocate can support them through the review process.   

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If they are unhappy with the result of the NDIA review, they can contact the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The AAT cannot review every decision that the NDIA makes.  

Some decisions they can review are:  

  • That a person does not meet the NDIS access criteria  

  • That a person cannot access certain service providers or supports  

 Find out more about the AAT at their government website

Professionals can contact their Local Area Co-ordination Partner in the community if they would like to clarify parts of the Access Request Form or discuss what they have written in it.  

 For example, the Local Area Coordinator for the City of Casey is La Trobe Community Health Service.  

The Disability Advocacy Resource Unit (DARU) has a Find An Advocate service which could also be helpful for young people.  

 Each Federal member of Parliament (MP) has an NDIS officer. Although they cannot directly help individuals access the NDIS, they can explain the appeals process and can follow up if a young person has not received a timely response from the NDIS.    

 You could also call your MP’s NDIS representative on behalf of a young person.  

Other organisations who can provide information and/or assist professionals and young people in their NDIS applications include but are not limited to:    

  • Association for Children with a Disability (ACD)  

  • Children and Young People with Disability Australia (CYDA)  

  • Wellways  

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