About YDAS

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service is an advocacy organisation that works with disabled young people who are aged 12 to 25.

We work with disabled young people in Victoria to make sure they can speak up and are being treated fairly. Click here to find out more about YDAS and our work.

YDAS team photo: 10 people, most in blue t-shirts, pose for a photo

Our language

We use identity-first language (disabled young person) throughout this guide. Identity-first language embraces disability as an important part of a person's identity and who they are.

Our steering committee, which is made up of disabled young people, voted unanimously for YDAS to use identity-first language.

We recognise that some people prefer person-first language (young person with disability). If unsure, you should ask what language the young person you are working with prefers.

Using the NDIS guide

Our NDIS guide for professionals has two parts.

Part 1: Supporting young people to access the NDIS introduces you to the NDIS and gives you the information you need to support young people who are applying to join the NDIS. 

Part 2: Support NDIS participants helps you understand how to support young people who are already NDIS participants.

We also use ToolTips in this guide. Some words will be in Hover over these bold and blue words to find out what they mean.bold and blue. If you hover over them, you will be shown their meaning. 

Get started

Part 1: Supporting young people to access the NDIS

Part 2: Supporting NDIS participants