Check you've done all topics

We encourage you to complete and have print outs of all topics.

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Check that you've done all of the topics by making sure you have printouts or images saved of all of the topics below.

If you have a topic missing, use the links to go to that topic:


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You have finished all the topics in Map Your Future!

We hope you feel more confident and have a better understanding of what your goals are and how the NDIS can help you achieve them.

If you printed or downloaded your answers after finishing each topic, you can now save them together. You can take your answers to your NDIS planning meeting, which will help you get the right supports to achieve your goals.

If you did not save your answers after each topic, you can still download your Map Your Future certificate below. You can also go back and save each topic to fill it out later or just read the information.

You can come back any time and do Map Your Future again. You will have to start again because your answers are not saved. But a lot may change in your life so you may find you have different answers next time. 


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Now you have completed the Map Your Future program, download a certificate to show you have finished. 

Download your Map Your Future Program Certificate

Using your workbook in your life

When you go to your NDIS planning meeting, you can show them your Map Your Future workbook and answers. It will help them understand what you want from your NDIS plan.

It will also help you remember what your goals are and what support you need to achieve them.

Your workbook is also useful for keeping track of what you want to do in life. You can show it to your family, friends and teachers to help them support you.


We hope you have enjoyed doing our Map Your Future Program.

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Thank you!

Thank you to the incredible young people who helped us create Map Your Future and took part in our video series.

Thank you to our amazing illustrator, Briar Rolfe! Click here to check out their work on Instagram.

We would like to acknowledge the support of the Victorian government and thank them for their continued support.