Disabled young people have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, yet they have been largely overlooked.

That’s why YDAS formed a COVID-19 Working Group to put disabled young people at the forefront of Victoria’s pandemic response and recovery.

Our COVID-19 Working Group brought together 5 disabled young people from around Victoria. 

5 COVID-19 Working Group members standing in front of a SYN radio sign.

Emma, Cindy, Mac, Mia, and Lee.

Disabled young people have been able to shape the pandemic response, making it more accurate, responsive, accessible and inclusive.

The COVID-19 Working Group has influenced government policy and shaped approaches for numerous government departments, universities, and youth and disability organisations.

They have created a research report on the experiences of disabled young people and have became published authors after writing a chapter in an academic journal. 

They also led a project to elevate the experiences of disabled young people during the pandemic. Over 20 disabled young people created artworks, music, stories, and videos as part of the project.

Emma, Cindy, Mac, Mia and Lee also produced a podcast, interviewing leaders in the disability community about disability pride, education, healthcare, and the media.

Click here to listen to their podcast