Currently, decision-makers have limited data to understand what the youth sector needs to effectively support young people. This makes it difficult to advocate for adequate skills development, opportunities, staff capacity and funding sustainability.

Our biennial study the Youth Sector Survey builds a much-needed, longitudinal evidence base so that together, we can advocate for services that set young people up to be healthy, safe and thriving.

The survey has now closed. Sign up to read for when the report it is released.

Survey for Youth Workers

Survey for Youth Sector Employers

About the Youth Sector Survey

The Youth Sector Survey is a biennial survey of youth workers and their employers.

Over 800 workers and employers contributed to the last Youth Sector Survey (2021), which powered the high-profile campaign #YouthWorkMatters, and our successful advocacy to get the Diploma of Youth Work on the Free TAFE list.

Now we’re back for more! In the short- and medium-term, the Survey informs our work as the leading youth sector policy advocate to make sure we’re working with you on the most important priorities.

In the long-term, it gives us a broader picture of the needs and strengths of our growing profession.

Who should do the survey

There are two surveys – one for the youth sector workforce, and one for youth sector employers. You should only complete one survey depending on your role in the youth sector.

Survey 1: workforce

This is for anyone doing paid work in Victoria supporting young people (aged 12-25), for example (but not limited to):

  • Youth workers
  • Advocacy workers
  • AOD workers
  • Disability workers
  • Education practitioners
  • Emergency service workers
  • Family violence workers
  • Government
  • Healthcare workers (both clinical and non-clinical)
  • Housing and homelessness workers
  • Out-of-home care workers
  • Training and employment workers
  • Youth justice workers

Survey 2: employers

This is for anyone who employs youth sector workers, manages a team, or is in an executive position of a youth service or organisation.

What happens next?

The Youth Sector Survey will help us understand the ‘full picture’ of the youth sector – the strengths, skill levels, barriers, needs and goals that make up our diverse profession.

We will identify gaps for training and development, and the opportunities for sector collaboration and knowledge sharing.

YACVic will publish these findings in a public report on the youth sector. We can collectively use the report to better advocate for change, promote state budget asks, and ensure professional training and development is effective and tailored.


The survey is online and takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. The questions include multiple choice, check boxes, ratings and written responses.

YACVic values the input of a range of people to the Youth Sector Survey. If this format is not accessible for you or you have any questions, please contact us (details below).


If you have any questions, please contact YACVic Policy & Evidence Officer Alice Fox (she/her) at