Staff members

Image for Derm Ryan (he/him)

Derm Ryan (he/him)

Rural Manager

Image for Karen Walsh (she/her)

Karen Walsh (she/her)

Rural Development Coordinator Great South Coast

Image for Rhiannon Jennings (she/her)

Rhiannon Jennings (she/her)

Rural Development Coordinator Southern Mallee

Image for Carla Hall (she/her)

Carla Hall (she/her)

Rural Youth Projects Coordinator

Image for Julia Baron (she/her)

Julia Baron (she/her)

Policy and Advocacy Manager

Image for Sebastian Antoine (he/him)

Sebastian Antoine (he/him)

Policy and Research Officer

Image for Thomas Feng (he/him)

Thomas Feng (he/him)

Media and Communications Manager

Image for Briar Rolfe (they/them)

Briar Rolfe (they/them)

Rainbow Projects and Communications Officer

Image for Katia Pellicciotta (she/her)

Katia Pellicciotta (she/her)

Youth Engagement Resource Co-ordinator

Image for Aakanksha Manjunathaswamy (she/her)

Aakanksha Manjunathaswamy (she/her)

Marketing Communications Officer

Image for Anhar Al-Shameri (she/her)

Anhar Al-Shameri (she/her)

Junior Content Producer

Image for Sam Champion (he/him)

Sam Champion (he/him)

Participation and Development Manager

Image for Nuriyah Haque (she/her)

Nuriyah Haque (she/her)

Participation and Events Officer

Image for Jessica Brooks (she/her)

Jessica Brooks (she/her)

Training and Events Officer

Image for Jennifer Rowan (she/her)

Jennifer Rowan (she/her)

Lead Facilitator

Image for Giovanna Szalkowicz (she/her)

Giovanna Szalkowicz (she/her)

Working for Victoria Project Manager

Image for Akshay Kumar (he/him)

Akshay Kumar (he/him)

Working for Victoria Project Officer

Image for Kirsty Greenwood (she/her)

Kirsty Greenwood (she/her)

Corporate Services Manager

Image for Ian Johnson (he/him)

Ian Johnson (he/him)

Finance Officer

Image for Stephanie Brenkovich (she/her)

Stephanie Brenkovich (she/her)

HR Office Manager

Image for Alex Iliopoulos (she/her)

Alex Iliopoulos (she/her)

HR and Payroll Co-ordinator

Image for Jess Standish (she/her)

Jess Standish (she/her)

Executive Assistant

Image for Albert Giglia (he/him)

Albert Giglia (he/him)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Liam Head (he/him)

Liam Head (he/him)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Mark Yin (he/him)

Mark Yin (he/him)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Maya Ghassali (she/her)

Maya Ghassali (she/her)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Reece Moir (he/him)

Reece Moir (he/him)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Ruqia Mohamed (she/her)

Ruqia Mohamed (she/her)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Alyssa Jeffrey (she/her)

Alyssa Jeffrey (she/her)

YACVic Young Peer Facilitator

Image for Indi Clarke (he/him)

Indi Clarke (he/him)

Koorie Youth Council Executive Officer

Image for Nikayla Bamblett (she/her)

Nikayla Bamblett (she/her)

KYC Operations Officer

Image for Douglas Briggs (he/him)

Douglas Briggs (he/him)

KYC Policy and Advocacy Officer

Image for Kim Zoe Evans (she/her)

Kim Zoe Evans (she/her)

KYC Communications Officer

Image for Bryce Taylor (he/him)

Bryce Taylor (he/him)

KYC Youth Participation and Development Officer

Image for Leyla Quartermaine (she/her)

Leyla Quartermaine (she/her)

KYC Marram Nganyin Aboriginal Mentoring Project Officer

Image for Hope Kuchel (she/her)

Hope Kuchel (she/her)

KYC Events and Partnerships Officer

Image for Laura Donnelly (she/her)

Laura Donnelly (she/her)

KYC Communications Officer

Image for Mija Gwyn (she/her)

Mija Gwyn (she/her)

YDAS Manager

Image for Bianca Failla (she/her)

Bianca Failla (she/her)

YDAS Human Rights Advocacy Coordinator

Image for Bree O'Dwyer (she/her)

Bree O'Dwyer (she/her)

YDAS Youth Disability Advocate

Image for Jade Maiolo (she/her)

Jade Maiolo (she/her)

YDAS Intake Advocate and Admin Officer

Image for Simon Green (he/him)

Simon Green (he/him)

YDAS Project Officer – Youth Leadership

Image for Stacey Christie (she/her)

Stacey Christie (she/her)

YDAS Communications Officer

Image for Laura Pettenuzzo (she/her)

Laura Pettenuzzo (she/her)

YDAS Resource Development Officer

Image for Haley Zilberberg (she/her)

Haley Zilberberg (she/her)

YDAS Workshop Liaison Officer

Image for Kelsey McGowan (she/her)

Kelsey McGowan (she/her)

YDAS Human Rights Advocacy Officer & Young Leaders Program Facilitator

Image for Bridget Jolley (she/her)

Bridget Jolley (she/her)

YDAS Map Your Future Facilitator

Image for Is Hay (they/them)

Is Hay (they/them)

YDAS Facilitator and Advisor