Staff members

Image for Liz Leahy

Liz Leahy

People and Culture Manager

Image for Dr. Jessie Mitchell

Dr. Jessie Mitchell

Policy Manager

Image for Andy Bell

Andy Bell

YACVic Rural Manager

Image for Karen Walsh

Karen Walsh

Rural Development Coordinator Great South Coast

Image for Rhiannon Jennings

Rhiannon Jennings

Rural Development Coordinator Southern Mallee

Image for Becc Brooker

Becc Brooker

Rural Policy and Advocacy Officer

Image for Sam Champion

Sam Champion

Participation and Development Coordinator

Image for Derm Ryan

Derm Ryan

Marram Nganyin Youth Mentoring Project Officer

Image for Cat Sinclair

Cat Sinclair

Communications and Brand Manager

Image for Thanh Hằng Phạm

Thanh Hằng Phạm

Digital Communications Officer

Image for Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson

Finance Officer

Image for Desney Millen

Desney Millen

Executive Assistant

Image for Michelle Sibanda

Michelle Sibanda

Office Assistant

Image for Moumen Omar

Moumen Omar

Young Thinker in Residence

Image for Harry Koelyn

Harry Koelyn

Young Thinker in Residence

Image for Indi Clarke

Indi Clarke

Koorie Youth Council Executive Officer

Image for Banok Rind

Banok Rind

KYC Deputy Executive Officer

Image for Cienan Muir

Cienan Muir

Koorie Youth Council Senior Policy Officer

Image for Anna Cerreto

Anna Cerreto

KYC Policy and Research Officer

Image for Jess Bengtsson

Jess Bengtsson

KYC Participation and Development Officer

Image for Lachlan Edwards

Lachlan Edwards

Marram Nganyin Youth Mentoring Project Officer

Image for Neil Morris

Neil Morris

KYC Yarning Education Officer

Image for Savanna Kruger

Savanna Kruger

KYC Executive Support and Administration Officer

Image for Priya Kunjan

Priya Kunjan

YDAS Human Rights and Advocacy Officer

Image for Emily Tester

Emily Tester

YDAS Project Officer

Image for Stacey Christie

Stacey Christie

YDAS Digital and Content Officer

Image for Nina Laitala

Nina Laitala

VicSRC Executive Officer

Image for Benita Bruce

Benita Bruce

VicSRC Student Engagement Coordinator

Image for Micah Maglaya

Micah Maglaya

VicSRC Student Engagement Assistant

Image for Annie Rowland

Annie Rowland

VicSRC Projects Coordinator

Image for Kirsty Fromholtz

Kirsty Fromholtz

VicSRC Digital Project Coordinator

Image for Kat Daymond

Kat Daymond

VicSRC Events Officer

Image for Nell MacColl

Nell MacColl

VicSRC Communications Officer

Image for David Trevorrow

David Trevorrow

VicSRC Administration Assistant