YACVic has received funding from the Victorian Government to make some important upgrades to two key resources: the Code of Ethical Practice and the Youth Engagement Resource Platform (YERP). This will ensure that these resources are up to date, so they can reflect the way that young people and the rest of the youth sector function within society in the present day.  

What is YERP? 

The Youth Engagement Resource Platform (YERP) is an online participation resource for young people, those who work with young people, and those who are looking to work with young people in the future.  

Since 2014, YERP has provided a practical framework to support young people’s participation in organisations, their communities and projects that are important to them. YERP offers the tools needed to ensure that participation is beneficial and meaningful for everyone involved. 

What is the Code? 

The Code of Ethical Practice was first created in 2007. It is an important document that provides a professional framework for supporting people who work with young people when facing ethical dilemmas. It supports legislation, organisations’ existing policies and your own morals and values, to ensure you are working with young people in a safe and ethical way.  

How you can get involved 

We are currently recruiting young people aged 12-25, and those who work with young people, for the following opportunities. 

YERP and Code Steering Committees

This is a voluntary opportunity to represent the organisation you work for and share your lived experience as a young person or sector worker. Being part of the Steering Committee means that you will have the opportunity to guide, support and contribute to the upgrade.

You can apply on behalf of your organisation as a youth advisory board member, a peer worker or a staff member at any level.

Please read the full position description for the relevant role before applying:

Applications will close at 9 AM on 22 March, or once the positions are filled.

Apply now

YERP and Code Young Co-designers

Be part of a team of dynamic, creative and passionate young people from across Victoria who will influence the direction, content and design of the upgrades.

This is a paid opportunity, for young people aged 15-25.

Please read the full position description before applying. Applications will close at 9 AM on 22 March, or once the positions are filled.

Apply now

Accessibility and Inclusion 

At YACVic, we take access and inclusion seriously. If you have a specific access request, would like further information or want to provide any suggestions, we would love to hear from you.  

You can email or call us with your access and/or support requirements for upcoming events.  

Our work takes place through the lands of the Aboriginal nations within Victoria and we pay our respects to their Elders past and present. Bunjil’s lore states that those who walk on this land must care for the Country and waterways as well as care for the children and young people. This always was and always will be Aboriginal land. 

Commitment to Child Safety

YACVic is a child safe organisation. By participating in these projects through consultation or attending events, you agree to join us in our commitment to child safety.


For more information, contact the YERP upgrade team by emailing Yerp@YACVic.org.au or the Code upgrade team but emailing Code@YACVic.org.au. To make a phone enquiry, you can call 0434 178 729.