These are resources to help you find information, understand and talk about the COVID-19 vaccination program.

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What you need to know about COVID-19 Boosters

  • Learn the who, what, where, when and why of boosters.

How to be COVID-safe without COVID anxiety

  • Tips from a mental health nurse for managing COVID-safety and your mental health.

Being a role model to younger relatives

  • How to talk to a younger sibling or cuz about getting vaccinated.

Step by step: Booking your vaccination

  • Learn how to book a booster or a primary vaccination course, and what the process is like.

What do I do if my friend tests positive for COVID-19?

  • Ditch COVID without ditching your mates.

Preparing to isolate if you get COVID-19

  • Isolate safely and with support no matter what your living situation is.

My rights and responsibilities at work

  • Vaccination requirements, and keeping you and your workplace COVID-safe.

How to speak to a health professional about getting vaccinated against COVID-19

  • Talking to a healthcare professional can be scary, here's a guide to help.

What to say if you feel unsure

  • Unsure about COVID-19 vaccines? We answer specific questions on fertility, menstruation, side-effects and speaking to your doctor.

7 tips for having ‘the vaccine conversation’ with family and friends

  • Our guide to support you having positive vaccine chats with your family and friends.

10 Tips to Help You Overcome Needlephobia

  • Are you nervous around needles? These tips are for you.

Information from the experts

  • Event recordings and resources from experts in health, law and community.

Shareable resources for my community and networks

  • Download our resources and social media tiles to share.