Current opportunities

YACVic is committed to youth participation and an enhanced model of youth engagement for our organisation. Our model aims to engage a wider range of young people in a broader scope of activities both within and outside our organisation.

YACVic Young Member Huddle!

  • Do you want to meet and connect with other involved and engaged young people? 

  • Are you passionate about discussing issues that young Victorians are facing and what we can do about it? 

  • Do you want to just have a heap of fun for a good hour and get to know YACVic a bit better? 

  • Are you a YACVic Young Member!? (if no, you can become one for just $3 here!) 

If you said yes to any of these, we would love to have you attend our Young Member Huddle. 

Regional Sport Victoria Youth Advisory Group

Regional Sport Victoria (RSV) are looking for a diverse group of young people to join their newly formed Youth Advisory Council! Are you:

  • Are young person aged 12 - 18 currently living in rural and regional. 
  • Have an interest sport, played sport before, or have never played sport at all (that's right, anybody!).
  • Passionate about helping further develop community sport and engagement. 

Bushfire Recovery Working Group

  • Are you currently living in rural and regional part of eastern Victoria which was impacted by the 2020 fires?
  • Are you passionate about your community and supporting those around you?
  • We’re looking for young people interested in developing and supporting opportunities for young people to be included in the recovery, and rebuilding process.

Youth Advocacy & Leadership Training!

  • Are you a young person from the  Ovens Murray and Outer Gippsland bushfire-impacted areas. 

  • Do you want to develop your leadership, advocacy and decisions making skills?

  • Do you want to have your voice heard within your local community? 

  • Do you want to network and engage with other students within the bushfire recovery scene? 

We alongside the Department of Education and Training (DET) are inviting young people to take part in free participation and engagement workshops. Take a look!

Youth Employment Program!

The Youth Employment Program in the Victorian Public Service that will create more employment opportunities for young people seeking employment. If you are:

  • Unemployed
  • Aged between 17 and 29 at the time of application
  • Eligible to work for the Victorian government

Have a look at the opportunity to see if you can apply. 

Share your experience of COVID-19 with #howyouthiso!

  • Are you aged between 12-25? Have you lived in Victoria through the COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Post your photos, videos (60 seconds), illustrations, or handmade memes that represent your experience of lockdown on Instagram.
  • Post on the hashtag #howyouthiso, so we can find your post. Tag and follow @yacvic and @ydas_vic to be in the running!

Have your voice heard on the YACVic blog

  • Do you have a story to share about being a young Victorian or working with young people?
  • Share your opinion with thousands of young people and youth workers across the Victorian youth sector.
  • Submissions are open on a rolling basis, voluntary opportunity.

What is the youth participation model?

YACVic’s youth participation model responds to feedback from young people about wanting to get involved in our organisation and other opportunities we offer.  Now, instead of having a single opportunity to engage with young people – through our Youth Reference Group (YRG) – we look for, and offer, opportunities across our organisation (and from outside) to work with and alongside young people.

YACVicYoungStaff web


  • Young people are experts in their own lives and experiences
  • Young people’s participation in civic and community life is a human right
  • The voices of young people need amplification and connection to policy makers


Now, whatever the opportunity is, we put the call out by email and our website to all our young members (there are over 200 of you). You’ll receive an info sheet with the opportunity, time commitment, skills required, support you’ll get from us and what we need from you in return. If you’re interested, fill in a short form and email it back to us. Whatever the outcome, you’ll hear back from us in a specified timeframe.

What is an ‘opportunity’?

Good question! So far we’ve offered things like two volunteers to attend a full-day consultation with Melbourne Museum on their new 'Human Body' exhibit, three volunteers to attend a regular reference group meeting on the implementation of the government’s family violence reforms, an opportunity to be a paid facilitator at the Victorian Government’s Youth Summit, a paid graphic design project to re-brand YDAS, and a paid internship to assist our social media activity. In the future we’ll be looking for four or five young people we can train in some basic human resources processes so that we can have a pool of young people to help us on our recruitment panels.

Who makes the decision and how?

YACVic staff make the decision on who’s best to take up the opportunity. But each decision is different: if it’s a big opportunity or a paid gig, then we may involve a small group of young people to help us make the choice. We will keep a record of who’s had what opportunity in the past to ensure we’re getting a good spread of young people involved. (But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your hand up for more than one thing.)

Who oversees the work?

Everyone at YACVic has a stake in this model. The board receive updates on it at every board meeting and the CEO is very engaged in its implementation. Now, all of the team are thinking about ways to engage young people in their work. On a day-to-day basis, Sam Champion, YACVic’s participation and development coordinator, is managing this work. Sam is ably assisted by the Participation Review Implementation and Monitoring Group, which is a big name for a group of (mainly) young people who guide and steer our work on this model.

Want to know more?

Contact Sam at We’re also keen to hear from you if you’ve got an idea for the name of our model!