Youth Work Matters

Every young person deserves the support and opportunities to achieve what they want in life. But the COVID-19 pandemic has hit young people the hardest and highlighted gaps which already existed for young people across employment, education, mental health, housing and more. That’s why now more than ever, Youth Work Matters.

Youth Work Matters is our collective call for all political parties to make a historic investment into Victoria's young people.

The more we invest in young people now, the better Victoria's community and future will be. Youth work provides strengths-based, holistic care to young people to reach their full potential and thrive as active members of our community. Youth work is a smart investment, with every $1 invested in youth services returning $2.62 back to the community through improved economic, health and social outcomes for young people.

Youth Work Matters because young people matter.

Deloitte's Return on Investment in Youth Work Report

As part of our campaign, YACVic commissioned Deloitte to produce an independent analysis of the return on investment (ROI) in youth work. The report finds that every $1 invested in youth work and youth services returns $2.62 in benefits to young people and the community. This is a significant return and demonstrates that youth work is a smart investment for government.

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What we're asking for

Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic) is calling for all political parties to make a milestone investment into young people’s lives and commit to:

  1. Early Intervention: Invest in more early intervention and prevention services for young people across Victoria
  2. Workforce Development: Build youth sector workforce capacity and training to improve young people’s lives 
  3. Systems Reform: Improve approaches for key services supporting young people 
  4. Youth Participation: Include young people in decisions that affect their lives 
  5. Sector Cohesion & Efficiency: Invest more in collective action, information sharing and efficiency, especially via YACVic’s role as the peak body

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