Youth Work Matters because young people matter.  

Youth workers work to support and empower young people, and provide a highly valuable service to the community. While youth work is incredibly important, it is not widely understood or recognised. 

In August 2021, YACVic released two surveys: 

  • One was aimed at youth workers 
  • Another was aimed at employers of youth workers in Victoria 

The survey for youth workers was designed to gain an understanding of the different contexts and environments in which youth workers operate, the diversity of programs and initiatives they deliver, and the diversity of the young people with whom they work. 

The survey for employees of youth workers in Victoria was designed to help understand what they look for when recruiting youth workers, the barriers and opportunities present within the youth sector, and the professional development needs of youth workers.  

The youth worker’s survey received 756 responses in total, and the manager’s survey received 198 responses. 

This report outlines the findings of those surveys, demonstrating the scope of youth work, and the need within the youth sector. Youth workers and managers have both indicated through these surveys that challenges pertaining to their work revolve around a lack of ongoing and sustainable funding to address the challenges and needs of young people in their communities and fields of practice.  

By ensuring the workforce is well educated, funded and sustained, the effectiveness of youth work in communities throughout Victoria will be increased substantially, achieving better outcomes for young people.