What is the Victorian Youth Policy Synthesis?

The Victorian Youth Policy Synthesis was developed back in June to bring together the voices of thousands of young people who already generously shared their experiences and recommendations over the past decade. We believe young people are experts in their own lives and have a keen understanding of what needs to change.

The synthesis collates 833 findings and recommendations from 138 publications relevant to young people in Victoria. It identifies key recommendations for the Victorian Government and points towards specific areas and strategies for future consultation with young people. 

How you can use it

The synthesis should be used as a starting point in your own future research, reports and submissions on relevant issues relating to young people. This document can also be used as an evidence base for youth services organisations to inform their strategic planning, service delivery, research and advocacy.

Key recommendations were made by both young people and youth sector organisations over the past several years. These recommendations were identified after extensive consultation, including some fantastic youth-led examples. The recommendations aligned across many Ministerial portfolios of the Victorian Government, proving the importance of a whole-of-government approach in supporting the wellbeing of young people in Victoria.

With COVID-19 disproportionately affecting young people, the Victorian Youth Policy Synthesis and the COVID-19 Recovery Plan for Young People are our call for a dedicated investment in young people's futures in the 2020-21 Victorian Budget.


For further information or queries: contact Luke Rycken, YACVic Policy Manager at policy@yacvic.org.au