Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic), Victoria’s peak body for young people and the youth sector, calls on all Victorians to participate in the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20 September, to support young people in their drive for climate action.

“Young people are taking a brave and principled lead in demanding action on climate damage, an urgent issue that puts us all at risk.  They feel compelled, because they fear for their future while many political and business leaders refuse to act meaningfully on this existential threat.  The worst effects of the climate crisis will significantly affect young people’s ability to thrive,” says Katherine Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of YACVic.

“Schools, universities, communities and businesses should encourage their employees to join and support young people in the Global Climate Strike, in solidarity for a safe and better future.

“Young people all over the world are taking the lead. We must take them seriously and encourage their active participation in public debate.”

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17-year old student and School Strike 4 Climate spokesperson Asha-Mae Chapman says she is taking the afternoon off school to march because she “wants to see a future for my generation and all generations that come after me”.

After attending the first school strike on the climate crisis, Asha felt empowered to step up and drive change.

“At school we learn about the damage that climate pollution is causing all over the world, yet our politicians continue to refuse to take meaningful action,” says Asha.

“Striking for our planet has compelled me with agency and purpose. Even though young people don’t yet have all the powers of adults, we can still take our future into our own hands.

Ms Ellis says she is proud and inspired by the efforts of the young people. “Anyone who cares about young people and their future should be supporting them in their rightful demands for climate action for the sake of our planet.”

“School will always be there, but a safe and secure future for all may not.”

Find out more how climate change particularly affects young people here.

Media contact:  Katia Pellicciotta (she/her), YACVic Media and Communications Coordinator on 9267 3744 or

Katherine Ellis, YACVic CEO is available for further comment. Asha is also available for further comment.

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