Together: Building an Inclusive Youth Sector

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) supports the youth sector to be more accessible and inclusive of young people with disability. We want to create a world where young people with disability are able to access the same services as everyone else.

Five young disabled people co-designed and co-facilitate Together: Building an Inclusive Youth Sector Training – an interactive half-day course for youth workers on including young people with disability. The training will motivate you to make positive change, give you the confidence to take the next steps, and provide you with the tools and skills to be more accessible and inclusive.

In the training we cover:

  • what inclusion looks like
  • communicating respectfully with young people with disability
  • rethinking disability as a result of social barriers
  • some great examples of inclusive practice from around Victoria
  • practical techniques to plan, promote, deliver and evaluate activities and events
  • developing an Access and Inclusion Plan for you and your organisation

The training is suitable for up to 20 participants and works best when delivered to a whole staff team, including management. Young people with disability co-designed and co-facilitate the training.

To find out more about the training or request a session for your staff team, please get in touch with Bridget Jolley via email at or phone 0438 638 734.

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