It is important that young people feel empowered to speak up about their disability and the supports they want and need.

Supporting young people to speak up

Many disabled young people have always had their parents or guardians advocate for them.

It is important for disabled young people to be included in the NDIS process and to have choice and control over the supports they receive.

 Even if the young person you are working with has a parent or guardian with them during a consultation, it is important that you talk with and listen to the young person.

Ask them questions directly and listen actively when they reply.

Young girl with brown hair and glasses signing in Auslan

No matter how old they are, a young person is the expert on their own life. No one will have a better understanding of the impacts of their disability than they will.  

 Self-advocacy and speaking up can be challenging, but you can make it easier for the young people you work with.

In this 4 minute video disabled young people share their advice for speaking up and self-advocacy.

NDIS resources for young people

You can help young people to understand the NDIS and speak up during the NDIS process by making sure they receive accessible and relevant information and resources.

Map Your Future is our free online program designed for disabled young people. It has information, videos, illustrations, and activities to help young people set goals and get the right support to achieve their goals.

Map Your Future is a good resource to help young people learn more about the NDIS and getting disability supports.

Click here to access Map Your Future.

Click here to access our NDIS resources for young people.

Information about the NDIS can be found in Plain English and Easy English on the NDIS website. There are also videos and graphics about accessing the NDIS and getting disability supports.

These resources can also be useful for people from culturally or linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

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