To be eligible to become a NDIS participant, disabled people must:  

  • Be under 65 years old

  • Live in Australia and have Australian residency and

  • Have a permanent and significant disability

Not all disabled people are eligible to join the scheme.

There is a useful eligibility checklist on the NDIS website if you are unsure whether the young person you are working with is eligible for the NDIS.

You can also contact the NDIS team on 1800 800 110.

How to join the NDIS infographic. Click on link below for screen reader version.

Click here for a screen reader friendly version of the above infographic.

Support for people who are not eligible to be NDIS participants

Disabled people who are not eligible to become NDIS participants can still get support through the NDIS to find and access other services.

There are other government and community supports and services available for disabled people. The NDIS website has a list of organisations that can provide support to people who are not eligible to join the NDIS.

Early Childhood Early Intervention

If you are working with a child under 7 years old, they may be eligible to get support through NDIS support for children under 7 years old who have a disability or developmental delay.Early Childhood Early Intervention or ECEI. Visit the NDIS website to find out more about ECEI.