Everyone has a right to feel safe.

Disabled people are more likely to experience Someone is hurting you physically.violenceSomeone is treating you badly.abuseYou are not being supported or taken care of the way you should be.neglect and Someone is using you or taking advantage of you.exploitation than people who do not have disabilities.

That’s why the A group of people with the power to run Australia.Australian Government called a Disability Royal Commission.

7 An experienced person given the role of leading the Disability Royal Commission.Commissioners were chosen to lead the Disability Royal Commission and officially look into how disabled people are treated in Australia.

Some of the Commissioners identify as being Deaf or disabled.

A young man who uses an electric wheelchair on his phone

The Disability Royal Commission has collected information through research, A formal meeting where people agree to tell the truth. They give evidence about issues that the Disability Royal Commission wants to know more about.public hearings and the personal experiences people share.

Through people sharing their stories, the Disability Royal Commission got a better understanding of what is going wrong and how these things can be fixed.

The The information discovered during the Disability Royal Commission.findings of the Disability Royal Commission will be shared in a report published by 29 September 2023.

In this report, the Disability Royal Commission will recommend how to improve Rules decided by the Australian Government that all people in Australia must follow.laws and A set of ideas or a plan that says what to do in different situations. They have been agreed to by a group of people, organisation, or government.policies so that all disabled Australians feel safe and included.

What is the focus of the Disability Royal Commission?

The Disability Royal Commission aims to find out how and why disabled people experience violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Violence means that someone is hurting you physically.

Abuse means that someone is treating you badly.

Neglect means that you are not being supported or taken care of the way you should be. 

Exploitation means that someone is using you or taking advantage of you.

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Last updated 15 March 2023.