This photography project was created by Lou Will, as part of our 'Disability pride starts here' project.

Lou writes: "For me disability pride has been closely tied to my body, how it’s been a journey in acceptance for the vessel that seems to go against me at times.

Movement has always been a big part of how my body processes the outer world wether it’s through stimming or bouts of extreme fatigue. My body directly expresses what’s going on inside, even if I convince myself otherwise it will tend to show through what my movement are doing.Instead of shaming its release I learn to be with it as part of my own journey with disability pride. A radical acceptance of all its statesDisability pride for me is about being in community.

I've learnt everything I know about how to advocate for myself and for others from my community.

My loved ones and community grow with me, we call each other in as we dismantle our own inner ableism.

I couldn’t think of anything better than to capture some of the very special people in my life that too live with disabilities as they are everything to me especially when it comes to being prideful. They are the way I feel pride in my disabilities when it can be so hard to when the world doesn’t always accommodate for our needs.


Is Hay - They/Them

Stevie Fanstone -He/Him

Lou Wills - They/Them 



A blurry picture of Lou jumping

Is sitting on a couch smiling at the camera

Extreme close up of two body parts very close to each other


Meet the creator

Lou (they/them) is a neurodivergent queer person who creates art through a variety of mediums. Working with photography, textiles, crafts and now diving into sculpture.  

Creating always excites me, it’s usually the only thing that makes sense to me. It allows my brain to quieten, to understand my feelings and reflect them to the world in the process.