This piece was written by Bridgette Griffiths Mark, as part of our 'Disability pride starts here' project.

1 Bridgette Griffiths Mark

2 Bridgette Griffiths Mark

3 Bridgette Griffiths Mark

4 Bridgette Griffiths Mark



Pride always seemed elusive to me. 
Far off in the distance, 
something I can see 
in its blurry form. 
I squint to make sense of it. 
But it always looks too bright. 
Too colourful for me. 
Out of reach 
racing too far ahead. 

A version of me that was proud. 
What is she like? 
Does she state her name in a bolder voice 
Does she accept all parts? 
The good. The very bad. The ugly? 
What about the sincere, the beautiful and the quiet 

Is there room for those too? 

I see pride in others, 
the sharing of it. 
Yet I remained closed off. 
Cautiously watching the fun, 
questioning my right to join in. 

Maybe I’ll put it on like a scarf 
Easily able to remove it if I change my mind and get too hot. 
But maybe it will keep me warm and cozy 
and maybe someone else will see it on me and try it on for themselves. 
Could pride be simple and soft? 
Could I hold it in my hands, 
wrap it around me 

and see what happens. 

Meet the writer

Bridgette (she/her) is an emerging storyteller and visual artist. Her work is about acceptance and love, who we are and who we have been told to be. She considers how to be bold when we are told to be quiet and the resistance and authenticity of disability pride.