Our advocacy waitlist is currently closed.

When young people need advocacy support they sign up for our waitlist. Our advocacy team then contacts them when they can support them.  

Unfortunately, we have had to close our waitlist. We cannot take any new advocacy requests at this time. 

We are sorry that we are not able to assist you right now. There are a lot of disabled young people who need advocacy support from YDAS. 

We need to focus on providing a high quality service to our current clients and the young people who are on our waitlist. We need to have enough time to advocate for each of our clients to make sure their rights are being met.

At the moment, this means that we cannot take on more clients. 

YDAS will announce when we are able to reopen our advocacy service and can start adding young people to our waitlist again. We will review every 2 weeks so we can reopen when there is space on the waitlist available.