Young crew at Sanctuary Mallacoota playing cards together.

Young crew at Sanctuary Mallacoota playing cards together.

It's important for youth workers and young organisers take care of themselves and each other. This is not only a personal benefit, but it helps to keep their work and community sustainable too.


Self-care: Making it work for youth workers

Credentialed mental health nurse Deb Penglase breaks down how to overcome barriers youth workers face in order to practise self-care.

Boundaries and burnout

Healthy and safe boundaries online

Two young leaders in Brimbank, Thomas and Christopher O'Reilly, share their practical tips for setting healthy and safe boundaries when running an online group. They moderate over 2,600 people in the Facebook group 3020 Exchange, a local group they started to keep their community connected during lockdown.

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Managing 'burnout boundaries' for youth workers

Managing 'burnout boundaries' for youth workers

The prolonged fatigue of the pandemic can make youth workers more vulnerable to burnout. Identifying where your vulnerable points are and how to put in boundaries there is an important part of self-care. This resource uses two case studies to teach you how to access peer support, and share practical resources for different challenges.

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Check-ins during lockdown

For youth workers: How to (really) check in with young people during lockdown

As lockdowns continue, young people's online fatigue presents a challenging barrier to staying connected with youth services. Here are five practical steps you can action to make check-ins with young people effective, reliable and flexible.

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For young people: Ways to check in with your friends

Lockdown has taught us all the importance of checking in with our mates, but that can be easier said than done. You might feel nervous that you'll say the wrong thing, or maybe don't even know what to say to begin with.

Cartoon character with a conversation starter quote from the blog post

Cartoon character with a conversation starter quote from the blog post.

PROJECT ROCKIT presenters put together a guide to conversation starters and real tips for checking in - both to offer and ask for support.

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Support from YACVic

How YACVic membership supports young people during COVID-19

How YACVic membership nurtures inter-organisational connection in the youth sector

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Downloadable materials

Self-care tip sheets

Check in reminder card

Time management worksheets: Work and personal life at home

Setting boundaries online: automating features