Accessible Education in COVID-normal

Mac's story

Mac is a disabled student who was doing remote learning from before the pandemic. However, online learning during lockdown actually improved his education experience.

Mac smiling and holding colourful heart shapes

Mac smiling and holding colourful heart shapes

In this piece, Mac shares what did and didn't work for him in online versus in-person classes, and what we should bring forward to make education more accessible in COVID-normal.

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For educators: Remote learning and activities

Broadening Horizons Toolkit

This is an audio toolkit for anyone who works with young people in an online or hybrid capacity, featuring Broadening Horizons, a Victorian program that pairs industry partners with schools for mentorship and practical projects.

This series was recorded on Bidwal and Wurrundjeri lands.

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Episode 1: How might young people resolve community matters?

Organisations have problems to solve, and young people have creativity and skills! This episode looks at how the Broadening Horizons program builds schools’ capacity to get young people involved in community matters. We break down the key steps for engaging young people in ‘real world’ critical thinking and problem solving.

Episode 2: Three great engagement ideas for online or hybrid activities

Online and hybrid activities are here to stay in COVID-normal. This episode looks at what the Broadening Horizons team have created to improve both young people’s and youth workers’ online experience of their program, and their advice to others.

Episode 3: Three great strategies for engaging families in youth activities

Schools and youth workers know it’s important to engage families to improve young people’s outcomes, but how? In this episode, we look at the strategies Broadening Horizons use to get families involved, what works, and what needs improving.

Episode 4: Tips for adult mentors working with young people

A safe environment for young people is so much more than a Working with Children Check – it takes committed policies, conversations and check-ins. This episode unpacks Broadening Horizons’ multifaceted approach to support schools and mentors to create safe spaces. We also learn great tips for building the confidence and capacity of adult mentors who have little experience working with young people. 

For young people: Meaningful work

Webinar: COVID-19 and young people's rights at work

This webinar presented by YACVic and the Young Workers Centre answered  young people's questions about their work rights during the pandemic. It covers topics like:

  • Health and safety
  • Common questions about employment changes due to the pandemic
  • What JobSeeker, JobKeeper and Youth Allowance payments are
  • Empowering and protecting yourself at work
Online events and work: 'A Fully Sick Music Festival Success'

Ballarat Youth Services' SONIKA program ran its Fully Sick Music Festival online during COVID-19, creating work opportunities for young creatives. This article covers:

  • How SONIKA works
  • How the program adjusted in the pandemic
  • What the team learned from running the music festival

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