Working safely with less COVID restrictions

Many organisations are asking us, must everything be hybrid from now on? Should we go online again, or is it better to push ahead with in-person?

Youth work crosses over with so many areas of work, there is no single answer. This resource provides tailored advice for engaging young people across different areas of youth work, including generalist, mental health, healthcare, local government, employment and education services.

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Outreach and Crisis Services Toolkit

This is an interactive toolkit for outreach and crisis youth workers to support at-risk young people through the pandemic. Learn from the expertise and innovation of workers across Victoria, who share:

  • Strategies for adapting to pandemic restrictions
  • Understanding the unique challenges of this work, and the challenges facing vulnerable young people
  • What outreach and crisis work needs to continue supporting young people into COVID-normal

This toolkit was recorded on Wurundjeri and Gunaikurnai Lands.

Outreach and Crisis Service Adaptions in COVID-19 Toolkit

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Broadening Horizons Toolkit

This is an audio toolkit for anyone who works with young people in an online or hybrid capacity, featuring Broadening Horizons, a Victorian program that pairs industry partners with schools for mentorship and practical projects.

This series was recorded on Bidwal and Wurrundjeri Lands.

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Episode 1: How might young people resolve community matters?

Organisations have problems to solve, and young people have creativity and skills! This episode looks at how the Broadening Horizons program builds schools’ capacity to get young people involved in community matters. We break down the key steps for engaging young people in ‘real world’ critical thinking and problem solving.

Episode 2: Three great engagement ideas for online or hybrid activities

Online and hybrid activities are here to stay in COVID-normal. This episode looks at what the Broadening Horizons team have created to improve both young people’s and youth workers’ online experience of their program, and their advice to others.

Episode 3: Three great strategies for engaging families in youth activities

Schools and youth workers know it’s important to engage families to improve young people’s outcomes, but how? In this episode, we look at the strategies Broadening Horizons use to get families involved, what works, and what needs improving.

Episode 4: Tips for adult mentors working with young people

A safe environment for young people is so much more than a Working with Children Check – it takes committed policies, conversations and check-ins. This episode unpacks Broadening Horizons’ multifaceted approach to support schools and mentors to create safe spaces. We also learn great tips for building the confidence and capacity of adult mentors who have little experience working with young people. 


Child Safety during COVID-19

This webinar hosted by YACVic and presented by Child Wise shares tips for how to adapt child safety practices to the online environment. It covers:

  • Risk assessment
  • Document review
  • Livestreaming
  • eSafety
  • Wellbeing of the child
  • Reporting obligations

Digital Youth Work

This webinar presented by YACVic and our Youth Participation Practice Network (YPPN) delves into what digital youth work is, why it's important and how you can upskill.

Adapting Youth Services Online

This webinar presented by YACVic and the Port Phillip and Stonnington Youth Network shares different youth workers' adaptions, successes and lessons as their services were moved online.

Accessible and Inclusive Zoom Meetings

This webinar presented by YACVic, YDAS and DARU shares tips for making online meetings accessible. It covers:

  • Tips on disability etiquette
  • Acknowledging mental illness
  • Communication for positive interaction
  • Navigating Zoom technology and accessibility

Wraparound support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people

Strong Brother, Strong Sister is an Aboriginal owned and operated organisation for Aboriginal young people on Wadawurrung Country around the Geelong area. Through COVID, they have tuned into what their young people need to provide multiple avenues to access support. In this resource, they share how to keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people connected to culture in several ways:

  1. Engaging online activities
  2. Providing home packs with cultural activities
  3. Strengthening the young person’s whole support network by providing family worker options, and also personalised support for staff
  4. Removing structural barriers to mental health care and providing embedded support

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Online Safety

How to Run Safe Youth Spaces Online

The Y's Latrobe Youth Space share tips for fun, accessible and safe online youth spaces in regional areas. They cover:

  • Flexibility and accessibility measures
  • Making online spaces feel place-based
  • Young people's feedback

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Click the picture below to view or download our Green Flags poster, sharing tips for safe online youth spaces.

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