HEY Grants are an annual grants program offered to community organisations and youth groups and  a unique opportunity for mainstream and non- LGBTIQ based services to develop work and new activities which better target and include LGBTIQ+ young people and enhance their mental health and wellness.

These are the previous recipients across each round of HEY Grants so far.

Round 12

Round 12 of the HEY Grants provided $102,000 to 11 projects and organisations across the state. The grants were selected by a panel of LGBTIQA+ community members, and prioritised new applicants who will address intersections and gaps in LGBTIQA+ services.

We Eatin' Good - $10,000

We Eatin’ Good is a collaborative project that provides a platform and safe space for young QTBIPoC to explore the intersections of culture, queerness and identity through the universal language of food. They aim to uplift their communities by producing a range of creative projects that showcase the talents of QTBIPoC on and off the screen.

headspace Wonthaggi and Relationships Australia Victoria - $10,000

Headspace Wonthaggi will work with the Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre to provide build upon previous work and events that show LGBTQIA+ young people (and their families and friends) that they are not alone, and empower them to feel self-assured and secure within themselves. These events will be educational, informative and entertaining. 

EACH Social and Community Health Yarra Rangers - $10,000

Each Social and Community Health runs the Rural Rainbows program, which are peer led support groups for LGBTQIA+ young people aged 12-25 in the Yarra Ranges. They aim to improve the mental health and wellbeing of local LGBTQIA+ young people by providing safe and vibrant spaces for them in which to connect, have fun, and be themselves.

More Than Melanin - $10,000

A magazine for and by POC and Bla(c)k women and LGBTQIA+ people currently published annually, issue three of More Than Melanin aims to examine life and mental health post-2020 through a satirical lens. It centers voices of youth from racially marginalised communities, especially the voices of queer people and women from these spaces.

Dandenong Youth Services – $10,000

#Proud2Be is a community education campaign, co-designed with LGBTQIA+ culturally diverse young people. The campaign will use digital content such as film/animation/still to develop content to be used for creating community awareness around LGBTQIA+ issues, and challenge discrimination, homophobia and transphobia. The use of #Proud2Be aims to encourage members of the community to be proud supporters and allies of LGBTQIA+ young people in Greater Dandenong.

The Mental Health Coach - $10,000

The Mental Health Coach will deliver cost-free mental health first aid (MHFA) training to LGBTIQA+ young people across Victoria. Adult workers who support this population can also pay a fee to attend. This blended group’s MHFA will be evaluated along with the viability and self-sustainability of this business model for metro and rural populations.

headspace Narre Warren - $10,000

This project supports young people in the south-east of Melbourne to remove barriers for participation in opportunities they may not otherwise experience. Facilitated by lived experience peer workers, the project will assist LGBTQIA+ youth to grow their community through social events while providing consistent, accessible and safe spaces to enhance social connections and wellbeing.

Rainbow Alliance Stawell - $10,000

Rainbow Alliance is a peer-led support group for LGBTQIA+ young people in Stawell and surrounds that promotes local and state-wide opportunities for connection, support, celebration and advocacy to ensure the positive mental health and wellbeing of young people and to increase their scope of possibility.

Macedon Ranges Shire Council - $10,000

Project Pride is a mental health, wellbeing and social connection event with two proposed outcomes: and LGBTIQA+ dance for young people in the Macedon Ranges (and central Victoria), and the creative co-design of a large scale video installation for projection at the dance event.

Junction Skate the Y - $7,864.70

This project will provide Junction Skate and BMX Park an avenue for the promotion of LGBTQIA+ young people and women in the community to participate in skateboarding. It will kick start their push for equality within the skateboarding community, especially the local community of Junction Skate and BMX Park. The project will empower LGBTQIA+ young people, increase their participation in skateboarding, provide exposure for their issues and aid in the running of events.

Brotherhood of Saint Laurence - $4,900

Brotherhood of Saint Laurence will deliver a peer network for LGBTQIA+ young people (ages 16-24) living at the Broadmeadows, Glen Waverley and Shepparton Education First Youth Foyers in Victoria. The group will create a supportive and fun space for LGBTQIA+ young people experiencing homelessness with the aim of increasing social connection, self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

Round 11

Round 11 of the HEY Grants provided $101,502 to 13 incredible projects and organisations across the state. The grants were selected by a panel of LGBTIQA+ community members, and prioritised new applicants who will address intersections and gaps in LGBTIQA+ services.

Horsham Rural City Council (Youth Led) - $5,000

This project will activate a safe space for LGBTIQA+ young people to feel socially connected. The Station is a new Youth hub for Horsham young people and using this funding we will facilitate much needed safe social events for LGBTIQA+ young people. 

Co-Inventors (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

“Voices of Us” is a 6 episode podcast that focuses on LGBTIQA+ international students lived experiences. The podcast aims at providing a space for LGBTIQA+ international students to express themselves, raise awareness about sexuality, cultural responsiveness, culturally specific issues and support among international students, service providers and the wider community. 

The Gordon TAFE (Social Connectedness) - $5,000

Establish a PRIDE network at the Gordon for students, staff and the allies and organise an end of year formal for the broader LGBTIQA+ young people in the Barwon region. 

GROW Australia (Youth Led) - $10,000

This project will deliver GET GROWING, a peer-led specialised early intervention mental health program for schools developed to meet the needs of LGBTIQA+ Asylum Seekers/Refugees youth in the South East who may be ‘at risk’ to prevent or minimise mental health issues before there is a decline or crisis. 

T Spoons (Youth Led) - $9,426

Autistic transgender youth are invited to a two week peer led program of facilitated workshops and exploration through art responding to the theme ‘identity and belonging.’ Culminating in an exhibition for family and friends, T Spoons supports autistic transgender young people to build community and take pride in their identity. 

Manningham Youth Services (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

MY Pride is a co-designed peer support group for young people between 12-18 who are Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Diverse (TGD) and questioning their gender identity. With a focus on creating a sense of belonging, young people can safely explore topics related to gender identity through discussions, education, and social activities. 

The Mental Health Coach (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

The Mental Health Coach will deliver cost-free MHFA training to 36 LGBTIQA+ young people across Victoria. Recipients will be empowered to identify emerging mental health issues in their peers (and in themselves), have conversations that encourage connection to professional support, and directly address suffering and the above-average incidence of suicide in LGBTIQA+ youth. 

Headspace Wonthaggi & Relationships Australia (Youth Led) - $10,000

Together with the Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre (WUCAC), Headspace Wonthaggi & Relationships Australia will provide a series of events that will show our LGBTIQA+ youth (and their families/friends) that they are not alone and empower them to feel self-assured and secure within themselves. These events will be educational, informative, and entertaining.

Pascoe Vale Girls College (Social Connectedness) - $5,000

Keep Up and Speak Up aims to develop the skills, confidence and leadership capacity of the PVGC Stand Out group to be leaders in the creation and promotion of an inclusive school community for all (particularly queer young people) by working with other student groups at PVGC on student-led projects. 

Rainbow Alliance Stawell  (Youth Led) - $5,076

Rainbow Alliance is a peer support group for LGBTIQA+ and questioning young people aged 12-19 in Stawell and surrounds in the Northern Grampians Shire (regional and rural Victoria). The design and meetings are led by LGBTIQA+ youth. The group meets weekly in a safe space to connect and advocate. 

Maroondah City Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

To deliver a fortnightly LGBTIQA+ social support group for 10-13 year olds in Maroondah. The group will be co-facilitated by a lived experience worker and an experienced youth worker. The group aims to increase connection and raise the wellbeing of LGBTIQA+ young people in the middle years. 

John Fawkner College (Social Connectedness) - $5,000

Together we RISE will see 2 levels: 

1)  Establishment of a working group within the school that includes students, staff and external stakeholders. This will allow the members to develop strategies around culture, safety and policies. 

2) student-led support group to run weekly/fortnightly. 

Mount Alexander Shire Council (Youth Led) - $10,000

The Pride Dance Party and Queer Art project will include a youth-led event targeted to LGBTQIA+ young people in Central Victoria. This will be supported by leadership development, artistic development and access to transport. 

Round 10

Round 10 of the HEY Grants will provide $110,000 to 12 incredible projects and organisations across the state. The grants were selected by a panel of LGBTIQA+ community members, and prioritised new applicants who will address intersections and gaps in LGBTIQA+ services.

Four grants are based in regional and rural areas, six will operate state-wide, and two are metropolitan based initiatives. 

In our tenth year, HEY are proud to have funded two Aboriginal and First Nations-led projects, two projects led by international students, and one project focused on improving support for autistic LGBTIQA+ young people.

Rainbow Restoration (Youth Led) - $10,000

Rainbow Restoration is a trading card series project that will normalise the existence of LGBTQIA+ figures from across history. Each card will feature artwork made by an LGBTQIA+ youth. Downloadable copies of the cards will be accessible via an online art gallery. The printed cards will be supplied to LGBTQIA+ organisations.

Young Trans and Gender Diverse Art Group (Youth Led) - $5,000

The Young Trans and Gender Diverse Art Group is a group of young trans and gender diverse people age 12-25 that will meet weekly in Preston to work on arts and crafts projects, learn new skills, socialise and feel safe and supported in their identities.

VicSRC (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

VicSRC’s Student Editorial Team is a student led program focusing on the stories of students who are less often represented in the public discourse around education. This project will amplify the voices of LGBTIQA+ students in rural/regional areas through a series of blogs hosted on the Student Voice Hub.

Gender Free Haircut Club  (Social Connectedness) - $5,000

The Gender Free Haircut Club creates an industry alliance to provide safe and supportive environments for members of the LGBTIQA+ community to receive an experience aligning with their gender. By building capacity of our industry partners we build multiple safe gender affirming spaces for young LGBTIQA+ people in our rural region.

Online sex education for LGBTIQA+ youth (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

The project will address the lack of social change in gender and sexual diversity by giving LGBTQIA+ youth autonomy to navigate their own sex education and use the online recourse in addition to professional support. The project is a collaboration of the correct information, personalised experiences and support networks. The program will remove the pressure from uncomfortable and uneducated teachers; it will address unsupportive parents and remove systemic prejudice and social shame.

Strong Brother Strong Sister (Youth Led) - $10,000

The LGBTIQA+ First Nations youth camp will be a camp that will celebrate the engagement/coming together of young people across Victoria who have engaged in our Online LGBTIQA+ First Nations youth group. Our goal is to provide a safe/reaffirming space while also upholding their connection to their cultural identity.

Glenelg Shire Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Skittles aims to facilitate social connection of LGBTIQA+ youth in the Shire area by fostering a social support network for LGBTIQA+ people aged 12-25 and their friends and allies. Through various advocacy strategies, Skittles promotes understanding and encourages LGBTIQA+ inclusivity in our wider communities. Funding will enable Skittles to expand across Portland, Heywood, and Casterton.

Three For All (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

The Queer International Student Peer support group is a peer-led social support group that provides participants with opportunities to gain social connection, emotional and practical support, build their leadership, provide opportunities to develop and lead activities, and increase access to services via referral pathways and capacity building in the services sector.

Golden Plains Shire  (Youth Led) - $5,000

Golden Plains Shire Council will partner with Bannockburn P – 12 College to deliver the first ever pride initiative in the Shire; a range of youth informed and school based initiatives to improve support for LGBTIQA+ young people. Initiatives will include anti-homophobia campaigns, training for students and staff, and the first Golden Plains social support group for LGBTIQA+ young people.

I CAN Network (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

I CAN Network will collaborate with the Victorian LGBTIQA+ youth sector to increase understanding and inclusion of Autistic LGBTIQA+ young people. This project will be led and informed by Queer Autistic young people who will share their lived experience, develop resources and offer practical advice to better support this cohort.

Story Is Connection (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

ACROSS THE BRIDGE is a storytelling project connecting 5 LGBTQIA+ young international students with 5 LGBTQIA+ young local artists. Together they’ll explore their respective experiences of navigating sexual identity. This will culminate in an exhibition of 5 artistic works aimed at inspiring other international students to connect, express and belong.

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

The VALS Community Justice Programs (CJP) will focus specifically on LGBTIQA+ Aboriginal youth and will empower our young people to have a voice in relation to their experiences and barriers they face when engaging services and seeking supports. This project will be youth led with the focus to social strengthen and engage the social connections of LGBTIQA+ Aboriginal youth. This project aims to allow the participants to develop locally led solutions with a wider view of using these experiences as a community education tool.

Round 9

Round 9 of HEY Grants awarded $106,000 across 11 outstanding projects. Six were regional/rural, two were state-wide and three were metropolitan-based initiatives across the categories of Social Connectedness and Youth-Led. As Round 9 projects were disrupted by COVID-19, Round 9 projects were extended to run until 30 June 2021.

Knox Youth Services (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Knox Youth Services and the youth-run and led Knox Rainbow Youth Action Group are partnering to create MASKED 2, a sequel to their successful short film created with their previous 2017 HEY Grant, which follows the journey of a young person as they come out. The original film has now had over 100,000 views.

Your Community Health (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Your Community Health is a co-designed and co-led health campaign run by trans, gender diverse, and nonbinary (TGDNB) young people from Ballarat and Preston for TGDNB people across Victoria. The goal of the campaign is promoting good health among the target group, increasing access to gender affirming health services, and creating a peer network of TGDNB people.

Switchboard Victoria (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Switchboard Victoria are building their capacity to better support the LGBTQIA+young people with suicide prevention services and resources, having identified them as a group increasingly accessing their services. The grant will enable them to train their staff and volunteers, as well as helping to promote Switchboard’s web and telephone counselling as a resource to LGBTQIA+ young people.

Family Access Network (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Family Access Network are creating Rainbow Tours, which target LGBTQIA+ young people who are at risk of homelessness, experience mental health issues, and/or lack family support. Rainbow Tours aims to enable these young people to travel to LGBTQIA+ inclusive spaces in order to decrease social anxiety and increase their access to community support and services.

Wellington Shire Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Wellington Shire Council will host four events (two for secondary school students and two for community members) that centre on LGBTQIA+ speakers and voices, with a vision to make the Shire of Wellington a more inclusive place. This will also include an expo for LGBTQIA+ young people to showcase the services available for them in the region.

Boroondara City Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Boroondata City Council will establish the first LGBTQIA+ young people’s group in Boroondara, as well as provide a safe and welcoming space to host them in. The grant will also help them employ a youth worker one day a week for it. A recent survey has shown them that this is a demand in their community.

Benalla Rural City Council (Social Connectedness) - $10,000

Benalla Rural City Council’s Umbrella Group is a group of LGBTQIA+ young people, are seeking training for their group members, as there are extremely limited services in Benalla that support young people. The Umbrella Group want to receive training to become local ambassadors to improve young people’s sense of being supported by their community. Their vision is to move from being a peer support group to a resource and support provider.

Headspace Horsham (Youth Led) - $6,000

Headspace Horsham are intending to employ an artist who can support their Rainbow Action Group to create and install LGBTQIA+ public art around the Wimmera. This art will help LGBTQIA+ young people feel included in their area and address homophobic attitudes in the wider community.

Hepburn Shire Council and Daylesford Secondary College  (Youth Led) - $10,000

Hepburn Shire Council and Daylesford Secondary College’s Pride Brigayewd - $10,000 They will run an event targeted to LGBTQIA+ young people attending ChillOut festival. This will be supported by peers development training and access to transport.

Highland Local Learning and Employment Network (Youth Led) - $10,000

Highlands LLEN is supporting a trans high school student in connecting young LGBTQIA+ community members with older community members. He intends to run a mentorship program that introduces these groups to each other and supports them to have meals, craft afternoons, competitions, and other activities together. He hopes this will give his peers role models like themselves that they can look up to and be inspired by.

South Gippsland Shire (Youth Led) - $10,000

South Gippsland Shire are facilitating a group of young people to design and implement a Pride Formal for themselves and other young LGBTQIA+ people (and allies) living in South Gippsland, with the goal of creating an ongoing action/network group of attendees after the event.

Round 8

Maroondah City Council Youth Services (Social Connectedness)

The Queer Storytelling project will mentor young people and draw on their own lived experiences of being LGBTIQ+. The project will be used to educate others in the broader community, create greater awareness and will challenge discrimination and stigma.  

North East Rainbow  Collective (Youth Led)

Plan and implement an LGBTIQ+ inclusive formal for young people living in a range of communities across North East Victoria. 

Bits and Bods (Social Connectedness)

Based on existing interviews and material, this project will provide Post Production and distribution of 2 web based video episodes focused on relationships and sexual orientation for LGBTIQ+ women.

Hume City Council (Youth Led)

All that Glitters will develop a community awareness campaign using the lived experience of young people and host a community event in the lead up to Wear It Purple Day. 

Merri Health (Youth Led)

Mental Health: The Musical. This project will explore the issues of isolation and risk for young people and use these insights to develop a piece of theatre. The project will create employment opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ people.  

Whittlesea Community Connections (Social Connectedness)

This project in collaboration with local secondary schools will develop peer support for Arabic speaking and CALD Young people who need support to navigate their sexuality, culture, religion and identity.

Swan Hill District Health (Social Connectedness)

Develop a community awareness activity including a pride cup for local sporting codes. Development and support will be undertake with local clubs in the lead up to the pride cup.  This project will be encouraged to work with the Swan Hill Council Pride project. 

Swan Hill Council (Youth Led)

The Pride project will use LGBTIQ+ ambassadors to develop ideas and concepts on inclusion and diversity for a series of public art pieces. The project will also host a community wide colour run to highlight the importance of physical activity as a strategy to promote good mental health. This project will be encouraged to work with the Swan Hill District Health Project.

Berry Street (Youth Led)

The Queer Experience draws on the lived experiences of LGBTIQ+ young people to inspire change in the mental health sector. This project provides employment opportunities for LGBTIQ+ young people. 

North East Support and Action for Youth (Social Connectedness)

Ongoing support for the local group Kings Queens and Aces. Projects includes awareness raising and transport to city based vents. 

Rainbow Families (Social Connectedness)

A partnership between Rainbow Families and Q-space to development of a whole of family social connectedness support group for children and parents who are LGBTIQ+ identifying.

Round 7

Round 7 distributed a total of $111,879 to 12 grant recipients.

Maroondah City Council Youth Services – $6,000

Establishing a safe and inclusive space for transgender and gender diverse young people in Maroondah.

The Victorian & Tasmanian Youth Cancer Service – $10,000

Developing inclusive resources for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people living with cancer.

Mornington Peninsula Shire – $6,000

Using creative arts and recreation to support transgender and gender diverse children and young people in the Hastings/Mornington Peninsula area.

Wyndham City Youth Services – $10,000

Partnership with Family Access Network to highlight and respond to issues of homelessness amongst SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people.

Wellington Shire Council – $10,000

Using a multidisciplinary approach to establishing a safe and inclusive space and ongoing support structure for young SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ people in an isolated rural area.

Inclusion Melbourne – $9,879

Develop an Easy English Guide to assist people with intellectual disability to understand same sex attraction and where to go for support, assistance and information.

drummond street services – $10,000

Resource production exploring the intersectionality of issues of culture and identity for queer, trans, intersex, people of colour. The resource will affirm where and how young people can access support.

headspace Horsham – $10,000

Arrange for a number of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in regional areas including Horsham and Stawell to attend the Minus 18 formal.

Glenroy College – $10,000

A project addressing social justice, safety and inclusion for culturally and religiously diverse students by using allies and bystander prevention methods.

Syn Media – $10,000

Training for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in radio production skills. Twenty programs and podcasts produced on issues for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people.

Knox City Council – $10,000

Youth-led initiative to produce a number of short animation films to improve SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people’s mental health and increase options for support.

Embittered Swish – $10,000

Youth-led theatre production workshop and performance on issues related to gender diversity. The production will be staged at the Next Wave Festival in May 2018.

Round 6

Round 6 saw 13 community groups receive grants of up to $10,000. 

Coburg High School $10,000

‘Stand Out More’ is an initiative for student groups in Moreland to participate in a peer leadership program that aims to improve knowledge, skills and confidence in public speaking, project planning, mentoring, teen mental health first aid and advocacy.

Melba Support Services $10,000

A series of forums for young people who have physical/intellectual disabilities and identify as SSASGD/LGBTIQ+. The goal is to better understand their needs and how they can be best supported by disability service providers.

headspace Mildura $10,000

A range of community awareness activities developed and implemented by the ‘Alphabet Soup’ group, information displays, sessions and workshops throughout the community to increase knowledge and awareness of the issues, concerns and needs faced by SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people.

Swan Hill District Health $10,000

Local social support group to improve social connection to community, and community awareness campaigns to celebrate diversity, raise awareness of discrimination and promote inclusion in an area with minimal access to SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ support services.

Glenelg Shire Council $10,000

Employment of a support worker to coordinate production, promotion and distribution of rural/remote SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ short films and launch of the short films during mental health week in October 2017.

Yarra Ranges City Council $10,000

Two social support programs across different locations in the Yarra Ranges. The first social support program is for young people aged 14-18 who identify as SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ in Yarra Junction, and for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people from 16-25 years at Lilydale Lakeside to engage the student population of Box Hill Institute and neighbouring secondary schools.

Rainbow Connections $5,000

A youth and family group facilitated by a parent volunteer. The grant will maintain the group and increase the capacity to provide support, advocacy and referrals for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people.

Little Box of Pride $10,000

When a young person comes out, their friend or family member can order a free Little Box of Pride, which will contain resources that will guide and celebrate their SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ identities, along with providing them and their families with valuable information and support.

Queer Youth Online $8,500

Queer Youth Online will work with a young SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ multimedia professional (under 25) to train 10-15 SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in film, media, social media and SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ advocacy.

QTIPOC Network $5,000

A series of summer workshops/events for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people with support from Schoolhouse Studios and Alterity Collective.


A write-back service whereby queer and questioning young people can contact SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ people like them, and the organisation of young volunteers will respond with support. This is not intended to be a crisis service, but rather a supportive outreach network. 

Colour Tongues $5,000

Bridgemeals is a monthly community building event created to provide dinner for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ newly arrived migrants, refugees and asylum seekers under 25 years. The event will encourage storytelling to foster social connectedness and inclusion.

Rainbow Eagles $4,700

Voluntary young people from La Trobe University will be trained to become peer mental health support volunteers, or ‘Queer Peers’. Volunteers will receive professional training in SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ and work with headspace’s Schools Outreach program.

Round 5

Round 5 saw 14 community groups receive grants ranging from $10,000-$40,000.

Merri Community Health Services – Coburg $40,000

A new initiative to reach isolated SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth through a social media campaign called ‘You’re Not Alone.’ The campaign will share personal isolation and connection experiences of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people, high profile Australians, culturally/linguistically diverse young people and professionals, through the medium of film.

Hume City Council Youth Services – Broadmeadows $15,000

The Insight #In2Diversity Project will run events, support groups, awareness campaigns, provide safe spaces and foster positive attitudes in the Broadmeadows community.

Brophy Family & Youth Services – Warrnambool $10,000

Youth United Making Change Against Homophobic Attitudes (YUMCHA) diversity group initiative actions weekly meetings, social events and professional development opportunities for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people.

Cardinia Shire Council – Pakenham $10,000

Supporting young SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ people who live in rural towns within Emerald and Koo Wee Rup to improve young people’s social, school and community connectedness through weekly groups based within a school setting, and developing education resources for schools and community groups.

City of Casey – Narre Warren $10,000

The City of Casey Unite Alliance Program will be delivered in partnership with the City of Greater Dandenong Youth Services team and run out of the Narre Warren Youth Information Centre. It will centre around SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth advocacy, support, information workshops, training and promotion to the wider community.

Colac Area Health – Colac $10,000

DYNAMIC (Diverse Youth Networking Against discriMination In Colac) creates an environment to support mental and sexual health of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth by facilitating youth meetings, resource discrimination and access to support services.

Maroondah City Council – Ringwood $10,000

The Equal Sports Project is taking a preventative approach to support the mental health of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people by addressing homophobia and transphobia in Maroondah’s sporting clubs.

Mitchell Shire Council – Wallan $10,000

The project will use art (literature, videos & music) as a tool to platform the voices of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people as well as generate discussions about gender identity in Mitchell Shire.

Wimmera Pride Project – Horsham $10,000

Support for local advertising throughout the Wimmera/Mallee region, inclusive social nights, resources and educational talks with local schools/community groups for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young locals.

Banyule City Council – Rosanna $9,900

Facilitated drama classes at three different schools to explore issues of diversity, gender, sexuality and the role of allies, as well as the development of a social media campaign, youth group, and resources to local schools.

Macedon Ranges Health – Gisborne $7,750

Youth programs and outreach clinic to be delivered from the Macedon Ranges Health Centre for 12-21 year olds, including monthly visits to local secondary schools and expanding outreach within the Gisborne region.

Edmund Rice Education – North Melbourne $5,880

SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ inclusion project at St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre, a specialist school for young people who have disengaged from mainstream education.

Myriad Collective – Northcote $5,000

Two-day art exhibition, performance and community-building event for transgender and sex and gender diverse young artists.

Bayside City Council – Highett $4,800

Support group for young SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ people called Full Spectrum in the Highett area.

Round 4

Round 4 saw 13 community groups receive grants, with a grand total of $290,000 in funding. 

The People Project – Peninsula Pride/headspace Frankston, $40,000

The project will produce a video and other resources which will tour secondary schools in Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula/Westernport area. This idea is based on a parallel approach taken by headspace Frankston to put a personal face to mental health.

‘Start the Conversation’ – Maroondah City Council, $10,000

A steering group of young people will conduct research to understand perceptions about, and treatment of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+youth in Maroondah. The research will be used to develop tailored and responsive workshops for community groups and year 7 students.

‘Stand Up and Stand Out’ – Melbourne High School, $3,700

A SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth discussion day will be held at Melbourne High School to establish connections between different school groups to foster the development of supportive relationships. 

The Zine Project – Jesuit Social Services, $10,000

The project will develop a resource and mixed media/art based magazine developed by and for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people which will be distributed to the broader community. Creative sessions facilitated by artists with an understanding of this group will be run in a safe and supportive environment.

Equal, Courageous, Healthy, Open-minded Youth Group (ECHO) – Headspace Central West Gippsland, $10,000

ECHO will support young people who identify as SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ to improve self-esteem, social connectedness, provide education resources, and support regarding sexual and mental health. The group will be facilitated by headspace staff in the Baw Baw Shire.

‘Schools Out Loud’ – JOY 94.9, $39,472

This project will tailor an 8-week introduction to radio course as an outreach program for students who have restricted access to resources. JOY will partner with ten schools in outer Melbourne and train ten students from each school on the ‘3P’s’ – presenting, producing and podcasting. A dedicated web page will be created so that the diverse audio can be made available to a broader audience.

‘Our Voices, Changing Cultures’ – Multicultural Centre for Women's Health, $40,000

Building resilience, capacity and leadership among young SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ women from immigrant and refugee communities is the primary aim of this project. It will develop and deliver community theatre-based workshops to educate and advocate for community-wide approaches to gender and sexual diversity.

Gender Diverse Youth Peer Support Project – Queerspace/Drummond St, $20,000

This project will support gender diverse adolescents to explore their physical and creative selves through arts based leisure and recreational activities and peer initiated and led group discussions.

Making Jewish GLBTI Abuse and Harassment History – Jewish Community Council of Victoria, $22,280

This project aims to reduce homophobia towards Jewish SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth through a community engagement campaign aimed at harm minimisation. A key tool will be an ethnocentric video that will clearly demonstrate the human suffering caused by discrimination.

CREATEing Equality Rainbow Resource – Create Foundation, $40,000

Working with SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in out of home care, this project will develop educational materials for professionals from the perspective of these young people. Current resources do not address ways workers can support young people in care to follow a healthy lifestyle and CREATE has a strong track record in developing resources in similar settings.

Building More Bridges – The Bridge Project/Billanook College, $15,000

Already complete, stage one of the project produced films and resources to help students to understand the issues of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people, offer ideas for change and challenge stereotypes. The next step will share these resources with other schools in the hope of establishing similar projects.

The Rainbow Project – City of Whittlesea, $10,000

This project will create a short film addressing homophobia and transphobia to foster a more inclusive community for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people. The Rainbow project will invite young people to develop skills in all aspects of film production and script writing.

Building Worker Capacity to Engage Young SSASGD Carers – Carers Victoria, $30,000

This project builds on the capacity of carer support workers, respite service staff and mainstream youth workers across the state to engage with SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people with caring responsibilities, and consults with SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ throughout design and delivery phases.

Round 3

Round 3 allocated $189,297 to 10 projects selected from 34 applications. In total, funding asked for $955,714.

Social Connectedness Grants (grants up to $10,000) – Uniting Care Gippsland $8,700

The Tour De Wellington is a community bike ride and barbeque event organised by the Wellington-based SSASGD group 'So Wot'. The Tour De Wellington will raise awareness of the issues that young SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ people face in rural areas, while at the same time providing an opportunity for family, friends, community members, other youth groups and service providers to come together. 

Hume City Council $10,000 

The Rainbow Glitter Ball (Glitter = Gay Lesbian Intersex Transgender Together Everyone’s Respected) will respond to the concerns of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in the Hume municipality by providing a formal ball where they can bring their same sex partners. Young people will form an organising committee (the “Glitter Committee”) and meet on a regular basis at Craigieburn Youth Centre to organise the event, including marketing, catering, guests, decorations and theme for the ball. Hume City Council Youth Workers will support the group through this process and provide resources and information from their local community.

UN Youth Australia $10,000 

In IDAHOT week 2014, UN Youth Victoria will host the UN Youth Human Rights Summit on SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth rights at home and abroad. The Summit will be a two day SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth conference with over 250 secondary school-aged students gathering in the Melbourne CBD to educate participants about LGBTIQ+ issues and anti-SSASGD prejudice from a local and global perspective and train them to tackle these issues, locally and globally.

City of Greater Dandenong Youth Services $10,000

The Unite project aims to improve the quality of life of young people who identify as SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ and living, working or spending significant time in the City of Greater Dandenong.  It will create a platform for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people to advocate for change in their community and provide advice on how Council services can be more inclusive.

Nillumbik Health $9,800

The Creatively Intervening Earlier project will support young people to form a youth-led early intervention education team using a Diversity-Straight Alliance model. This team will provide simple, general diversity focused education activities in local primary schools using creative mediums such as performance and dramatic art.

Cardinia Shire Council $10,000

The Cardinia SSASGD Project will respond to requests from young people across the 27 rural towns in the Cardinia community by delivering a SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ social support group. Funds will cover social outings, transport, guest speakers, workshops, venue hire, staff training and resources for activities developing information, support and advice, educational and development workshops, and social and recreational activities. 

Banyule City Council $9,750

The Banyule Youth Gay, Straight Alliance (GSA) will provide a space for young people aged 14 – 25 years with a connection to the Banyule area (or surrounds) who identify as SSASGD/LGBTIQ+. The group will be guided to develop a program that will provide social and recreational opportunities, personal development, health promotion and referral connections with the overarching aim being to support young people to develop meaningful resilience, connections and positive self-care. 

Inclusive Communities Grants (grants up to $40,000)

Brophy Family and Youth Services $40,000

The Safe in the South West project will strengthen the capacity of the Warrnambool community in supporting SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people by working in partnership with them to identify and priorities areas for action. It will also work closely with the existing YUMCHA Working Group to identify key decisions, strategies and directions. This will include working with local businesses and services to provide safe zones, and working with schools to identify strategies to support diversity and inclusion.

Transgender Victoria $40,000

What Makes an Ally? is a community development project that will develop a print and web-based campaign promoting supportive relationships between young trans* people and their non-trans* (Cis) allies and communities. The project aims to develop emotional resilience in young trans* people through increased visibility and social inclusion. The themes and messages for the campaign will be developed via four workshops (one in a regional venue) with young trans* people and trans* Cis allies to explore how to identify existing and potential allies; creative ways to seek, maintain and strengthen healthy ally relationships; and understanding the impact of mental health on relationships.

Merri Community Health Services (YGLAM Theatre) $39,500

This project joins the Theatre and Education Pilot Project YGLAM, a community arts project for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people, in partnership with the Safe Schools Coalition and four schools. Representatives from selected schools will participate in workshops that use theatre methods to explore the ways in which discrimination occurs and stimulate conversation about safety and inclusion for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people. The project will be digitally recorded by a team of youth participants from YouthWorx Media and a film will be produced.

Round 2

Round 2 allocated over $200,000 to eight projects selected from 41 applications which asked for a combined total of $1,138,986 in funding. 

‘We’re in and we’re out’: For discrimination free zones in community sporting clubs’ – Leisure Networks Inc. $36,500

Led by Leisure Networks and delivered in partnership with City of Greater Geelong’s Geelong Adolescent Sexuality Project (GASP), the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) and Victoria University’s School of Sports and Exercise Science (VU) and the School of Social Work (VU), this project aims to create safe and welcoming community sporting clubs for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in the Barwon South-West Region. 

‘Gay As...Projects Hub’ – Banksia Gardens Community Services $36,500

This innovative, youth-led project will establish a Hub in Craigieburn to provide early intervention and support to local SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people. Working closely with local secondary schools, and with youth-focused agencies in the local community, the Hub will provide strong links to information, services, creative outlets, support networks, friendships, training and education opportunities for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people and their families. 

‘Shades of Queer: An integrated approach to supporting the wellbeing of SSASGD young people’ –Lighthouse Foundation $36,500

This project will re-activate an in-house social support group for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people engaged in the Lighthouse Foundation program, and develop a network between similar groups running in generalist youth mental health organisations. It will also develop and implement a training program and resource aimed at increasing the competency of workers in residential care services to better engage with SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people. 

‘Prevention ♠ Promotion  ♠ Community’ – EACH $36,500

This project will deliver an integrated program of services to enhance mental health outcomes for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in Melbourne's eastern metropolitan region, including workshops, design and delivery of an innovative mental health resource and parent resources. It combines the approach of direct service delivery, skills training, health promotion and resource generation, and strengthening community and family connections.

Billanook College $28,400

Lead by Year 10 students, this creative peer education project will explore and challenge homophobic and transphobic attitudes within Billanook College and take these learnings to other schools. The project will include script writing, filmmaking, and the development of a peer training/discussion guide to go with films, ultimately aiming to create attitudinal change across school communities in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the Yarra Valley. 

‘Same Sex Attracted Friendly Environment (SSAFE) Project’ – Nexus Primary Health $27,399

The Same Sex Attracted Friendly Environment (SSAFE) Project aims to promote and encourage continued community engagement with local services, schools, and social/sporting clubs. The project will involve young people in Nexus Primary Health’s plans as they establish various SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ services in the region, including a fortnightly SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ group for young people aged 14 to 25 living within the Mitchell Shire. The group aims to offer support, advice and empowerment for rural young people, some of who may be highly vulnerable or feel socially isolated due to their rural location.

‘Queer youth on air’ – SYN FM $10,000

Queer Youth On Air will give 20 SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people the opportunity to plan, produce and present their own radio program. Young people will take part in a 3 day training program and be supported to develop content for 10 weekly slots that will air on SYN FM and be available online.

‘Gay straight alliance group’ – Overnewton Anglican Community College $2,000

This project will establish a ‘Gay Straight Alliance Group’ within the Senior School of our College (years 10 -12). This group will create a safe space for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ students to connect with other students and staff and further explore issues around sexual diversity. The group will also be responsible for actively promoting awareness of the impact of homophobic bullying throughout the school. 

Round 1

Round 1 allocated over $180,000 to projects designed to support the health and well being of SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people. YACVic received 35 applications for HEY Grants in round one, asking for a total of $999,500 of funding. 

Mildura Base Hospital (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) $29,500

To improve services offered to SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth within the Mildura region by providing training to frontline workers in gender and cultural diversity and building a community of practice for youth and gender diverse support services. 

YGender (Drummond Street Services) $12,295

Provide for a safe, supported transgender specific youth group at Drummond Street Services in Carlton. YGender will engage SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people in empowerment projects, leadership opportunities, support through web-based resources, and events during International Transgender Day.

SKYS OUT LOUD (St Kilda Youth Service) $30,000

SKYS OUT LOUD is community development collaboration between St Kilda Youth Service (SKYS), headspace Southern Melbourne, and SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people. The project will provide a weekly support group for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people, facilitated by a youth worker and a clinical practitioner from headspace where required. The youth group will also be involved in the development of a local Mental Health Awareness Campaign within the City of Port Phillip with a focus on challenging discrimination and demonstrating its impact on SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people.

Grampians Community Health $40,000

Addressing an identified gap in local support and youth engagement activities in the western region for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people by establishing the first youth group in the Central and Wimmera regions. The broad approach involves offering opportunities for social connectedness, empowerment and reducing isolation, as well as engaging local services, sports clubs and schools to encourage diversity and inclusive policies. 

Brimbank Youth Services $27,500

Brimbank Youth Services will work with three local secondary schools to develop and implement a range of strategies to reduce discrimination and celebrate sexual diversity within school communities. Using Pridentity in Action (inclusive sexuality curriculum schools resource) as well as the Safe Schools Coalition program, the project creates opportunities for youth-lead advocacy and awareness-raising activities within school. It will also provide training and professional development to school staff and ensure anti-bullying policies and procedures are adopted, and individual support to students where necessary through enhanced linkages between the schools, youth service, headspace and community health agencies.

The Centre for Multicultural Youth $40,000

SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ youth from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities often feel the compounding effects of discrimination and racism as well as particular cultural tensions that can result in isolation, a lack of support from family and an ‘invisibility’ within mainstream community services. This project has a particular focus on their needs, engaging them in a youth participation project to promote positive representation in the broader community.

Youth Assist Clinic (South Gippsland Hospital) $7,000

A partnership between South Gippsland Hospital, Foster Medical Clinic and South Gippsland Secondary College, the Youth Assist Clinic (YAC) is a new free, confidential youth service operating within the Corner Inlet, Gippsland. YAC seeks to raise and embed awareness of the issues faced by SSASGD/LGBTIQ+young people within their community, as well as in its own practices. The Clinic aims to provide a youth drop-in centre for SSASGD/LGBTIQ+ young people to meet and engage in community program development.