What to expect

YACVic coordinates the Youth Participation Practice Network (YPPN), a thriving network of Victorian professionals who are committed to empowering young people through youth participation, youth engagement and supporting the voice of young people.

This community meets regularly and every member has the chance to access the group online to share opportunities, resources and knowledge as well as seek advice and guidance.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this growing network, get in touch with us so we can invite you to our next meetings, where you'll get the opportunity to meet everyone. Meetings are free to attend and held online via Zoom. 

The meetings generally run in the 3rd week of each month from February to December.

The dates for the next meetings are: 

  • Wednesday 19 June
  • Thursday 18 July 

Who should attend

If you are supporting a youth group or have responsibility for youth participation, empowerment or development in some way within your role then we would encourage you to join the network.

Why should I join?

  • YPPN members have let us know that the regular meetings create a valuable space to collaborate, connect, and reflect with others who work in similar roles.  

  • The Google Group mailouts create a centralised access point to a range of resources and opportunities across Victoria and is updated throughout the week! 

  • The online delivery of meetings has been reported by members as being beneficial to those with access needs and those living rurally who may have less opportunity to network with people in similar roles in their area. 

  • It’s free, active, friendly, and strives to enrich your practice! 

Here's what our members have to say! 

“Having the opportunity to hear about various programs and innovative areas of work via presentations has been great. I also actively utilise the contact list for the purposes of my own work, its an amazing network to have access to.”                                                                               - YPPN Member, Commission for Children and Young People 

“(The YPPN) helps to overcome feelings of isolation as a youth worker in a rural community.”                                                                                                                                                                   - YPPN Member, Live4Life 

“There's a huge amount of wisdom across the sector which is really important to be shared - lots of us struggle with the same problems, whether that be engagement or policy, so being able to share with others helps a lot”                                                                                                       - YPPN Member, Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare 

“Awesome community of practitioners coupled with great presentations and resources which have informed my approach to engaging young people as part of our new Youth Advisory Program and more broadly.”                                                                                                                 - YPPN Member, For Change Co. 

“It is one of the only places I can connect with workers who do similar work to me and I  feel like together as a collective we achieve great work for the sector”                                                         - YPPN Member, The Y 

How to join

To join the network, please complete this registration form or get in touch with us at YPPN@yacvic.org.au

Join the YPPN x LGA Working Group!

The YPPN x LGA Working Group is a space for local government youth services workers to share challenges and wins that are unique to working in local government, share best practice and evidence-based resources, and to network and collaborate. 

The LGA Working Group has bi-monthly online meetings and is completely free to join!

If you work in local government youth services and you are interested in joining this dynamic and supportive YPPN working group, please complete this registration form or get in touch with us at YPPN@yacvic.org.au

Become a YACVic Member

Sign up to become a YACVic member to access membership discounts on training and event tickets and to be notified first about resources and future webinars and events for young people and the youth sector.

We’ll also promote these in our newsletter, which you can sign up to here.


For more details, register for the next meeting and/or get further information, please get in touch with Sam Champion, YACVic Participation and Development Manager at YPPN@yacvic.org.au

YACVic is a child safe organisation. By attending these events, you agree to join us in our commitment to child safety