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Meet Aggy. She's passionate about the influence of alcohol on young people. She is a co-designer and judge for VicHealth's Top Spin competition, which asks young people to call out alcohol companies on their sneaky tactics. She spoke to us about the competition and what motivates her.

Why are you passionate about the influence of alcohol on young people?

Despite the fact there is already a plethora of information regarding the effects of alcohol, I feel we need to reiterate the importance of it, especially in regards to young people.

By showing what we should be aware of in order to make the right decisions in alcohol consumption, there is a butterfly effect leading to a safer community and better understanding. 

What change would you like to see in young people’s attitudes towards alcohol?

As a young person it is easy to think you’re invincible and think you can worry about certain things later and when it comes to health and safety, it is not particularly regarded as much.

It is seen as an easy way for young people to have fun and get carried away, but there must be more awareness of personal safety, mindfulness of others, as well as accountability to be taken into consideration when consuming alcohol and reflect on what is good behavioral actions.  

What is the Top Spin competition and how can young people be a part of it?

Top Spin is a state-wide competition where people aged 18-29 can present a piece showing how the alcohol industry uses tactics to lure consumers into buying alcohol and influence them to drink more.

To be part of this competition you can enter your presentation which can range from written piece, art or videos as well as showing support by ‘liking’ or ‘commenting’ on the entry on the Top Spin website.

What has the experience of being a Top Spin co-designer and judge been like?

I am working with a wonderful team who worked hard these past couple of months to make this possible, so it is great to provide support to everyone involved. I wanted to be able to play a part and contribute to the competition in a bigger way.

Enter the Top Spin competition now. Entries close on 12 May 2019.