YACVic congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Coalition Government for being re-elected for a third term, and urges them to prioritise youth issues over the next three years.

YACVic, alongside the other independent state-based peaks for young people will continue to lobby for policies which put young people on the agenda and encourage and empower young people to shape Australian politics.

 “Young people are important more than ever,” says Paul Turner, Caretaker Chief Executive Officer of YACVic.

“We will continue speaking to the entire community about what matters to young people, and why that should matter to all Australians.”

YACVic went into the 2019 federal election asking all Victorian candidates to make a promise to young people which included commitments to:

  • Re-instate a Federal Minister for Young People, which has been vacant since 2013
  • Funding the independent, national peak body for young people, the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, which hasn’t had funding in over five years;
  • A national plan for young people, co-designed with young Australians to address the big issues facing young Australians
  • Re-introduce formal mechanisms for young people to inform policy-making
  • Re-introduce National Youth Week to recognise and celebrate the achievements of young Australians

Labor and the Greens committed to these policies, and we look forward to continuing to work with the Coalition government to do the same in the interests of young Australians.

While some commentators have painted this election result as an intergenerational conflict, YACVic believes that issues which affect young Australians are issues which will affect every Australian moving forward.

“Young people are at the forefront of many issues affecting the country. Their ideas are vital to Australia’s future and must be on the national agenda,” says Mr Turner.

Media contact
Thomas Feng, YACVic Media and Communications Manager, 0438 638 734, tfeng@yacvic.org.au

Paul Turner, YACVic Caretaker CEO is available for comment.