There are over 234,000 young people growing up, studying, working or just getting by in rural and regional Victoria. This brings with it a range of opportunities and benefits, but it also presents unique challenges for these young Victorians. YACVic has long recognised and worked to better understand and address these unique challenges, as well as celebrate and support what makes it great to live in country Victoria.

In the last two years, YACVic Rural has met with more than 2,000 young people from all corners of the state, and has captured over 4,500 individual statements of needs and ideas for action on the issues that matter most to them. To support and lead the rural youth sector, the YACVic Rural team have had over 2,000 separate conversations with youth sector professionals from across rural and regional Victoria.

Our policy papers, 'What matters to young people in rural and regional Victoria2018' and 'What matters to youth workers in rural and regional Victoria 2018', bring together these consultations, youth forums and on-going conversations to outline and give voice to what actually matters to young people and the youth sector.