CW: discussion of war, genocide, racism

Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVic) condemns Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people, and calls on government representatives in Victoria to actively call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Young people in Palestine and Israel have a right to live peaceful and healthy lives, with their friends and family around them.

The Israeli Government is committing a violent genocide against Palestinians. We are deeply disturbed at the brutality of the images, stories and impacts of this ongoing conflict, and its disproportionate impact on children and young people. 

Around Victoria, young people from many different communities, faiths and backgrounds are actively calling for an end to the genocide. The Australian Government must use their diplomatic power to intervene and send a message to Israel that Australians support an immediate and permanent ceasefire, and the free flow of humanitarian aid into Palestine.

What are we asking for?

As Victoria’s peak body for young people and youth workers, we support the collective action of Victorian young people. We call on fellow youth and community service organisations to work together to channel our commitment to human rights into advocacy for Palestine.

This week, a joint letter convened by YACVic calls on government representatives in Victoria to:

  • Demand an immediate and permanent ceasefire, including the release of all hostages.
  • Support adequate and unobstructed humanitarian aid into Palestine.
  • Cease all military cooperation with the government of Israel until a ceasefire occurs, and cease weapons development and manufacture in Australia until a ceasefire occurs, including here in Victoria.
  • Uphold Australia’s commitments to human rights and international law, in particular the commitment to prevent genocide under the Genocide Convention.

How can you join us?

You can:


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