COVID-19 is a generation-defining event which will have a disproportionate, long-term impact on young people’s lives. That’s why we’re supporting young people to meet with their local MP to discuss their experience of COVID-19 and the issues that affect them.

You deserve to have a seat at the table on the decisions that affect you, so sign up now:

Young people have made sacrifices

Young people have made enormous sacrifices across our entire lives to keep the community safe. From education, increased stress, insecure housing, unemployment, navigating Centrelink, family violence, social isolation and so much more, we have been living through the hardships in these times. You can find out more by visiting our COVID-19 A-Z Resources and Support page.

We want to make sure that young people’s needs are taken seriously as Victoria looks at the way out of COVID-19.

Get Involved

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