Young people should feel safe, respected and supported, no matter where they live or who they are.

YACVic condemns the appalling targeting of trans and gender-diverse young people in the 2022 Federal Election campaign, particularly since this cohort of young people already faces significant barriers which are linked to poor mental health.  

As a founding partner of the Embracing Equality Charter, and administrator of the Healthy Equal Youth (HEY) program, YACVic champions the end of discrimination against LGBTIQA+ people. YACVic is dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive community where all people are valued, supported, and celebrated.

YACVic recognises the increased emotional, mental and physical distress experienced by LGBTIQA+ young people, and calls on allies and services to reach out to LGBTIQA+ young people, and to promote acceptance, celebration and inclusion.

We also call on parties and candidates running in the Federal and Victorian State elections to listen to young people and do more on the real issues affecting them, including employment, climate change, mental health, housing and equality, and invest in a strong youth sector to support young people early and holistically.

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