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The 2024-25 federal budget makes important steps to support young people experiencing homelessness, but fails to prevent crisis upstream with poverty and rental stress.


All children and young people need somewhere safe and stable to live. On any given night 40,000 children and young people have nowhere to go, and adult homelessness services can’t meet their unique needs.

This government knows a strategy with funding works. They’re working on a national housing strategy, and the $1b housing spend that includes young people will move towards the need for 15,000 dedicated youth tenancies.

“We’re thrilled with the investment in youth homelessness. Government could go one step further and create a standalone child and youth housing and homelessness strategy, with dedicated supports,” says YACVic CEO Mary Nega.


Australians care about young people’s wellbeing, but this government is shirking their responsibility to address poverty:

  • $320/week for students on mandatory placement for teaching, nursing, midwifery or social work.
  • Slight Rent Assistance increase – maximum $9.40/week for singles.
  • One-off $300 energy rebate for each household.

This government must be honest about the inadequacy of income support. The Economic Inclusion Advisory Committee they created has once again recommended a substantial increase to income support payments; once again government has ignored them.

Young people are expected to work for free or minimum wage while they study and build their work experience, and not everyone has a Bank of Mum and Dad to get them through.

As long as Centrelink and student placement payments are below the poverty line, how can young people transition to full independence?

“The placement payments are significant but are still below the poverty line, and exclude many students with means-testing and qualification criteria,” says Ms Nega. “This government can choose to help young people out of poverty by raising the rate of income support to at least $80 a day.”


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