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Photo of young people from the Koori Youth Council

YACVic will not tolerate any abuse of children and young people.

In Victoria, Child Safe Standards aim to protect children and young people from abuse in organisations, including physical violence, sexual offences, serious emotional or psychological abuse and/or neglect.

As part of these standards, we commit to:

  • preventing the abuse of children and young people in our care, by identifying risks early and removing and reducing these risks
  • taking all allegations and concerns about abuse very seriously and responding to them consistently, in line with our policies and procedures  
  • complying with all legal requirements, including reporting suspicions of abuse to police and/or child protection.

We actively work to hear and empower all children and young people involved with our organisation, through regular consultation and participation processes.

We celebrate diversity across our organisation. In particular, we promote the equal participation and cultural, emotional and physical safety of children and young people who are often marginalised. This includes children and young people who are Aboriginal, from refugee or migrant backgrounds, who are same-sex attracted or gender diverse, and/or have a disability. 

All staff and volunteers employed by YACVic are responsible for the care and protection of children and young people who participate in our organisation and for reporting information about abuse.

Give us your feedback: YACVic’s Child Safe Code of Conduct

The Child Safe Standards require organisations that provide services to children under 18 years to have a code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children. YACVic is currently refreshing its child safe code of conduct and we would love your feedback. You might like to use our code of conduct to guide the creation of your own in your organisation, business, group or network.

Read our draft code below and email any comments or suggested edits to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with ‘Child Safe Code of Conduct’ in the subject line. 

YACVic Child Safe Code of Conduct [draft 2 February 2017]

YACVic will not tolerate any abuse of children and young people.

All staff and volunteers aged 18 years or over (including those of our core and partner agencies) are responsible for supporting the safety, participation, wellbeing and empowerment of all children and young people we work with.

This code of conduct outlines appropriate standards of behaviour towards children and young people and aims to protect children and young people by reducing any opportunities for abuse or harm to occur.

All staff and volunteers are expected to follow this code. Failure to do so will be considered as misconduct, which may lead to dismissal and/or reporting to the police. Breaches of this code will be handled using YACVic’s disciplinary procedures.

All staff and volunteers will:

  • always follow YACVic’s policies and procedures, including our Child Safe policy
  • take all reasonable steps to protect children and young people from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, harm or neglect
  • treat all children and young people with respect by listening to them, valuing their ideas and opinions and acting in a culturally sensitive way
  • welcome and include all children and young people, regardless of their background or lived experience
  • provide environments that are physically, emotionally and culturally safe for all children and young people
  • maintain professional boundaries and model appropriate adult behaviour in all real world and online contact with children and young people
  • respect the privacy of children and young people, their families/carers, and only disclose information where you have consent or where there is a duty of care concern
  • report any breaches of this code to their line manager/supervisor and/or the YACVic Designated Child Safe Person
  • contact the police if a child or young person is at immediate risk of abuse (telephone 000).

All staff and volunteers will not:

  • shame, humiliate, oppress, belittle or degrade any child or young person
  • discriminate against any child or young person on the basis of age, gender, race, culture, vulnerability or sexuality
  • engage in any activity with a child or young person that is likely to cause them physical, emotional or cultural harm
  • initiate unnecessary physical contact with a child or young person, or do things of a personal nature for them that they can do for themselves
  • be alone with a child or young person unnecessarily and/or for more than a very short time
  • develop a ‘special’ relationship with a specific child or young person for their own needs
  • show favouritism through the provision of gifts or inappropriate attention
  • arrange unauthorised contact, including online or via the phone, with children or young people
  • photograph or video a child or young person without their/their parents’/carers’ consent
  • use inappropriate language in the presence of children or young people
  • disregard any action or report that breaches YACVic’s child safe policies and procedures.

I have read this Code of Conduct and agree to abide by it at all times.





Name of manager/supervisor:





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