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The Board of Governance is the ultimate authority for the successful operation of YACVic. The Board comprises four officers and six members. The four officers are the Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer and the Young Media Spokesperson. In addition, YACVic's Constitution includes a mandate for the Board to have up to five young people as well as a representative from rural and regional Victoria.

Members of the Board are elected by the YACVic membership at the Annual General meeting (AGM). At the first Board meeting following the AGM the new Board decides on the officers for the coming year, with the exception of the Young Media Spokesperson who is directly elected at the AGM.

The Board operates under a governance framework which means that they are concerned with the overall strategy and direction of the organisation. The management of day-to-day decisions is left up to the Chief Executive Officer who reports directly to the Board.

The Board takes advice from both the Policy Advisory Group as well as the Youth Reference Group, but ultimately decisions regarding the governance of YACVic are made by the Board.

YACVic Board 2016-17

* Denotes young person



Louisa Ellum

Deputy Chair

Kerrie Loveless


David Anderson

Rural Representative

Bev Hoffmann

Executive Members

Jan Farrell

Paul Turner

Evelyn Zhaochen Bian*

Katerina  Dandanis*

James Campbell*

Matthew Church*

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