Meet the team who are leading our Disability Pride Project.

Meet the NDIS Right to be Heard team

Hendrix Image

Hendrix (they/he)

Project Advisory Group Member

Hendrix is disabled, an artist, activist and proud Biripi-Dunghutti person. They and their work (in all its forms) aims to defy the imposed colonial boundaries, push toward disability justice, abolition, and share a staunch intersectional perspective.

Willow Image

Willow (she/her)

Project Advisory Group Member

Willow is a disabled and neurodivergent person working in the disability advocacy space. She has a degree in education and arts, and hopes to study training and assessment and speech pathology in the near future.

Through her own lived and professional experience, Willow is aware of how challenging it can be to speak up for yourself, especially within a complex system such as the NDIS. She hopes to contribute to clarifying these processes and the rights of disabled young people through this project.


Victoria (she/ her)

Project Advisory Group Member

Victoria is a 23 year old psychology student living on Kaurna land in Adelaide, South Australia.

Victoria enjoys her volunteer work with children and young people within a wide range of settings.

She is passionate about reducing stigma and creating change within the mental health and disability support system. She believes that everyone deserves to feel safe and respected when receiving care and has the right to speak up and be heard when something doesn’t feel right.

Anna Dang

Anna (she/her)

Project Advisory Group Member

Anna (she/her) is a young Vietnamese-Australian female, who also lives with a visual impairment. She is a pre-medical student, with a great aspiration of becoming a pediatric doctor in future.

Anna is deeply passionate about disability rights and freedom, diversity pride and disability advocacy. She also has a professional interest in Eating Disorder research/intervention, as well as congenital cardiac diseases within both premature and full-term children.

In her spare time, Anna is also a classically-trained singer/songwriter and pianist, and thoroughly enjoys recording and performing her music. She also loves to practice Yoga, cook, craft and spend quality time with family and friends. Anna strongly believes that 'we are all able; just able in different ways.'


Maya (she/they)

Project Advisory Group Member

My name is Maya, and I am in high school currently, I am Deaf and Auslan is my first and primary language. I enjoy studying history, especially art history, and I hope to have a career in that field when I continue my studies after high school. I have a big passion in photography and cinematography and it is one of my many hobbies.

Eleanor Critchley Bio

Eleanor (she/her)

Project Advisory Group Member

Eleanor is a University student passionate about disability pride, accessibility, and youth mentorship. Dedicated to advocating for inclusivity, she volunteers as a youth mentor for kids with her disability in her spare time. With aspirations to use her law degree to work in disability advocacy and discrimination law, Eleanor is committed to creating a more inclusive environment for all.

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Thali (she/her)

Project Advisory Group Member

Hi, my name is Thali. I’m 13 years old and I am autistic and have ADHD. I love people knowing about my autism, not necessarily for me but for other autistic people. I love bringing awareness to things like autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and lots of other disabilities, or as I like to call them “different abilities.”

I applied to work at YDAS because I saw it as a wonderful way to do the things I love (bring awareness to the things I find important) and meet more people like me. Yes I am the youngest here but I refuse to let that stop me, there will always be a youngest but no one said that the youngest can’t be the strongest. So, I am here to prove that young people and autistic people can and will make a change.

Kiz Blanca Jackson

Kiz Blanca-Jackson (they/them)

Digital and Content Officer

To be confirmed.

Em 2

Em Dewhurst (they/them)

Lead Peer Facilitator

Em Dewhurst is a young Disabled and Queer Person with experience working in social services in youth work, disability advocacy, LGBTQIA+ rights, Diversity and Inclusion, and Settlement. They are currently studying a Bachelor (Honours) in Social work and are working in the field. They are currently working at the Youth Disability Advocacy Service as a Facilitator, at Council delivering youth programs, and are a co-founder of an Equity and Accessibility Consulting business. They are passionate about social justice, making accessible and inclusive spaces, and creating opportunities for people with lived experiences to be heard.

Ren 2

Ren (she/they)

Peer Facilitator

Hey! I’m Ren, one of the facilitators for the NDIS Right To Be Heard workshops! I am a proud disabled person who loves connecting with others, writing, journaling, art, playing video games, and cats! I’m also a huge swiftie, I love shows like The Owl House and I collect squishmallows.
I am super excited to have the chance to work with all of the Project Advisory Group members on such an incredible and important project! Self-advocacy is a topic I’m very passionate about, and knowing how and where to speak up about what you’re experiencing and any problems that come up is such an important factor, so I can’t wait to see what comes out of this project!


Mac Zamani (he/him)

Peer Facilitator

Hi, my name is Mac, I use he/him pronouns, and I'm a facilitator for the NDIS Right to be heard project. I've been working at YDAS for the past two years. I am a proud queer, CALD, disabled young person. I love reading, writing, public speaking, bullet journalling, and wheelchair sports.


Jun Bin Lee (he/him)

Communications Project Officer

Hi, my name is Jun, I use he/him pronouns, and I work at Youth Disability Advocacy Services (YDAS) as a Communications Project Officer. I’m originally from Malaysia, now living on Wurundjeri land.

I have been working on youth-led content creation projects with YDAS since 2022. I am now supporting 2 projects focusing on the rights of disabled young people, including the NDIS Right to be Heard project. Looking forward to developing the online hub with our project advisory group!