YACVic Support

Do you need some additional support to connect with young people?

YACVic offers in-depth and longer-term fee-for-service support based on your needs which can include:

  • Framework, policy and strategy design: we can walk through this process with you and support you to create the documents you need to embed youth participation in your organisation
  • Consultations: we can design, host and deliver peer-led youth consults
  • Co-design: we can support you to work alongside young people on designing and delivering solutions for your key challenges and projects
  • Recruitment: we can connect you with young people from around the state to get involved in your initiatives. We will support both you and the young participants through the process.

For more information and to discuss how we can support you to work with young people please get in touch with Sam Champion, Participation & Development Coordinator on 0438 072 200 or at schampion@yacvic.org.au

YACVic Training

Youth Participation 101

Youth Participation 101 training featuring a smiling young woman in blue

Why is taking young people seriously so important?

Do you need guidance to boost your youth groups, programs and advocacy?

Does your team need to re-engage their passion and/or fill up their toolbox for effective youth participation?

You’ll walk away feeling motivated by theories, strategies and resources which will build on your current approach to engaging young people in the work that you do.

You’ll consider how strengthening the voices of young people in the work of your organisation, will also play a part in strengthening their voice in the communities in which they live. We’ll talk about the successes you’re having and unpick the barriers you may be encountering to increase your confidence in working alongside young people. 


  • Discuss the fundamental benefits of youth engagement
  • Provide support to embed the voice of young people within your work
  • Learn more about YACVic’s model of participation (both successes and learnings)
  • Share good stories, and workshop any challenges you may currently be facing
  • Graduates are invited to join the Youth Participation Practice Network (YPPN)

Find out more about Youth Participation here

Code of Ethical Practice for the Youth Sector

Code of Ethical Practice banner featuring a smiling young woman in red

What do you believe are healthy boundaries to have when working with young people?

How do you respect young people’s confidentiality, when they tell you things you know you need to act on?

Are you confident about the values, principles and practice responsibilities of working with young people?

You’ll walk away feeling motivated and equipped by the framework of the Code of Ethical Practice and how it can be used to enhance your interactions with, and support of, young people.

This interactive training session includes introductory theory and guidance for using the Code in your workplace. There is heaps of opportunity for discussion and reflective practice as well as strategies for developing ethical practice in your role/organisation. 

Topics we cover

  • Why is a Code of Ethical Practice so important for the youth sector?
  • What are ethics anyway?
  • Background to the Code
  • Youth work Principles
  • Youth work Practice Responsibilities
  • How do I deal with an ethical dilemma at work?

Benefits and Pricing

YACVic workshops are delivered in-house and/or online by our highly experienced facilitators. They are designed to share theory, develop practice and encourage conversation in your teams.

You will receive:

  • A 3-hour interactive workshop for up to 30 participants
  • Planning, pre-brief and debrief support from our team
  • Evaluation report from your session
  • Resources
  • Certificates of attendance (on request)

YACVic Member prices for NFPs start at $1,000 (plus GST)

For information on becoming a YACVic Member organisation please see yacvic.org.au

To make an inquiry please get in touch with Sam Champion, Participation & Development Coordinator on 0438 072 200 or at schampion@yacvic.org.au or simply book online here.

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Training and Events Calendar

If you are an individual, you can also find out if we're running open training in your area (or online) by looking in our events calendar