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Photo of young people from the Koori Youth Council

Studying in the youth sector

The level and type of qualifications held by people in the youth sector vary greatly. The following information relates to youth-specific courses that are offered in Victoria.

This is not an exhaustive list. Other courses can be found at: www.myfuture.edu.au.  

Certificate IV in Youth Work (CHC40413)

A Certificate IV is generally a one-year full time course that is offered by TAFEs and specialised training providers. Most Certificate IV courses include a placement component which provides a valuable opportunity to gain some basic experience in the field. A Certificate IV in Youth Work is generally an appropriate qualification for entry-level positions such as residential care work or generalist youth work.

The following training providers deliver Certificate IV courses in Youth Work:

Diploma in Youth Work (CHC50413)

Once you have completed a Certificate IV in Youth Work it is possible to undertake a further year of study to obtain a diploma. The additional year of study usually includes a second work placement providing an opportunity to increase/diversify your experience in the field. Some training providers also offer direct entry into diploma level courses. A Diploma in Youth Work is generally an appropriate qualification for most youth work positions; however further training/experience may be required for more specialised or senior roles.

The following training providers deliver Diploma courses in Youth Work:

Bachelor Degree in Youth Work

A Bachelor Degree in Youth Work can only be obtained through a university and is completed over a three-year period (full time; part time study is also available). Some bachelor degrees provide the opportunity to incorporate units from other areas of study in addition to the core youth units. A bachelor degree will generally provide you with increased career prospects compared with a certificate or a diploma, as it is a higher qualification. These courses also consist of a placement component.  

The following training providers deliver Bachelor Degrees in Youth Work:

Masters programs
A masters degree is suited to those wishing to take on more senior positions within the youth sector. It will assist students to develop skills in: management and supervision; establishing social enterprises; managing budgets; and using current technology.

Contact your local training provider to enquire about their masters programs.

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