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Photo of the Youth Reference Group 2011


So, you've decided you want to contribute to an active peak body that represents Victoria's young people?

It's easy to join and you can sign up as an individual or as an organisation. If you're a young person, membership costs less than the price of a coffee. And for everyone else, all memberships are fully tax deductable.

We value our members and prioritise their needs.


  1. Share our vision of a positive future for young people who have their rights upheld and are valued as active particpants

  2. Add your voice to policy submissions and influence decisions made by government

  3. Network at events and collaborate with other sector professionals and young people

  4. Be informed of the latest youth sector policy developments and research delivered directly to you through our regular communications

  5. Advertise for free to over 2,500 members across the youth sector through our newsletters

Contact Details

(if applicable)
(if applicable)

I'm signing up as an individual member

Individual Type 1Yr 2Yrs 3Yrs
Young person:

Must be 26 years or under for length of the membership

Individual concession:

Must hold a health care or other consession card & send in a copy with this form

Full membership:

I'm signing up on behalf of an organisation

Organisation Type 1Yr 2Yrs 3Yrs

Organisations that are governed and/or run by young people under the age of 26.


Annual income ($100K-$500K)


Annual income ($500K-$1M)


Annual income $1M+

Additional Member:

This is in addition to a full membership for organisations who have multiple offices.
Note: Please complete a new form per additional member

Local Government (Metro):
Local Government (Rural):

(No voting rights) This category is for state or federal government departments, statutory authorities, current serving members of Parliament and other groups or organisations that the Board deem appropriate.

Payment Details

This membership starts at the beginning of the financial year and includes GST. Prices are current as at 1/7/2016

Membership total = $0
(An invoice will be sent upon payment.)
(Please contact us if you require a receipt.)
(We will send you an invoice with payment options)

By signing up as a YACVic member

Our Vision and Objects
Vision statement

Our vision is for a Victorian Community that values and provides opportunity, participation, justice and equity for all young people.


The Purpose of the Council is to raise awareness of issues of concern to young people in Victoria and to achieve a more equitable distribution of power and resources to young people, recognising differences between groups of young people in terms of their access to such power and resources.


The Objects of the Council shall be:

  1. To benefit the community at large by fulfilling the role of a peak body on issues of concern to young people in Victoria.
  2. To provide a focus for organisations and individuals to share perspectives on youth affairs issues. Such organisations and individuals shall be those who support the Council's Statement of Purpose and may be involved in the provision of charitable services directly to young people.
  3. To provide a forum in which young people in Victoria and organisations can make contact with one another. This may include promotion of the activities, facilities and undertakings of organisations as they affect young people in Victoria.
  4. To conduct research into the issues of concern to young people in Victoria to facilitate these issues in becoming known to the wider community.
  5. To provide direct support to organisations and individuals by providing an information and resource base which will:
    • assist groups of young people working on issues of concern to them;
    • assist service providers to increase their effectiveness; and
    • inform the community about issues affecting young people.
  6. To provide assistance to young people in order to enable them to participate meaningfully in the various processes which formulate and implement social policy in Victoria.
  7. Having regard to the above Objects and to the Statement of Purpose:
    • to monitor developments in legislative and non-legislative structures impacting on young people; and
    • to gather views on issues affecting young people from organisations and individuals throughout the community in order to represent those views to the appropriate bodies from time to time; and
    • to make the above-mentioned developments and views, their impacts and results known to the wider community.

YACVic has a number of partner agencies. For more information click on the logos below.

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