The information you need to put in your A document that you have to send the NDIA to apply for disability supports.Access Request form includes:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Where you live
  • Whether you are an Australian citizen or resident

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You will also need to include:

  • Proof of your age and where you live, such as your birth certificate or driver’s licence. You can also give the NDIS team permission to check your An organisation run by the government. Centrelink helps people who need support.
  • Proof of your disability. For example, a letter from your doctor.
  • Details about how your disability affects you and your daily life.
  • Reports from Someone who has studied or trained to do their job. They can help disabled people apply for the NDIS. Example: Your doctor.professionalsabout your disability

There is a table in the Access Request form that you can ask a professional to fill out. It helps the NDIS team understand how your disability affects your life.

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