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What is the best thing about having a disability?

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What else you need to know about disability pride

What is disability pride?

Disability pride can mean being proud of who you are and embracing your disability. It can also mean feeling confident and not hiding your disability. 

In this 3 minute video disabled young people talk about what disability pride means to them.

Many people see their disability as an important part of who they are.

Being proud can help you feel like you are part of a group of people who have similar experiences to you. Many disabled people support each other and work together to make the world more When something can be used by people with different abilities. Example: Audiobooks are accessible to people who are blind because they can listen to the story instead of reading it.accessible and When everyone is treated the same way. Everyone is able to be a part of an activity or community.inclusive.

Illustration of a group of young people protesting about disability pride

What are some good things about having a disability?

There are a lot of good things about having a disability.

Disabled people can have Things you are good at.strengths that others do not have. For example, disabled people are often good problem solvers because of the Things that stop you from doing something. Example: Stairs are a barrier for wheelchair users.barriers they face.

River, a blonde teenager, smiling while sitting in front of a green screen

“The best thing about having a disability is that there is a community of disabled people… so you have a ready-made group of people that you fit in with and can be friends with.” - River

Celebrating disability pride

To celebrate disability pride you can: 

It is good to watch TV shows and movies where disabled characters are played by disabled actors. That is another way to celebrate disability pride and the disability community. 

Disability pride means different things to different people.

In this 1 minute video disabled young people share the best things about having a disability.