Speaking up is important. It helps you make sure that your rights are respected and you are being treated fairly.

Speaking up also helps others understand what you want and need.

In this 4 minute video disabled young people talk about speaking up for themselves and others.

Speaking up during the Disability Royal Commission

Disabled people are more likely to experience Someone is hurting you physically.violenceSomeone is treating you badly.abuseYou are not being supported or taken care of the way you should be.neglect and Someone is using you or taking advantage of you.exploitation than people who do not have disabilities.

That’s why the A group of people with the power to run Australia.Australian Government has called a Disability Royal Commission to look into the issue.

Click here to learn more about the Disability Royal Commission.

It is important for the stories and experiences of disabled young people to be heard during the Disability Royal Commission.

Why is it important to speak up?

Speaking up and sharing your experiences will help the Disability Royal Commission understand what is going wrong and what needs fixing.

The stories and experiences people share will help the Disability Royal Commission recommend changes to Rules decided by the Australian Government that all people in Australia must follow.laws and A set of ideas or a plan that says what to do in different situations. They have been agreed to by a group of people, organisation, or government.policies so that all disabled Australians feel safe and included.

Violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation can happen anywhere, including:

  • at home
  • at school
  • at work
  • in hospitals or A place where people can go if they have a mental illness and need support.mental health facilities
  • on public transport
  • in the community

There needs to be good laws and policies in place to stop these things happening in the future.

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How can I speak up during the Disability Royal Commission?

There are lots of ways to speak up during the Disability Royal Commission.

Through YDAS you can:

Click here to learn more about opportunities for disabled young people to speak up.

If you want to share your story or experience independently, click here to read our guide on making a submission to the Disability Royal Commission.