You can send a speech or a piece of writing about your experiences as a young person with disability to the Disability Royal Commission. This speech or piece of writing is called a statement. When you send it to the Disability Royal Commission, they call it a submission. 

It is you telling your story so that the Commission understands what it is like for you as a young disabled person. 

You have to fill out a special Submission Form to tell your story. You can find the form here. 

There are a few ways you can share your story: 

  • In the post, by printing the submission form and sending it to: 
    GPO Box 1422, Brisbane Qld 4001 

  • Online, at this website: 

  • By email, filling in the submission form and sending it to: 

  • Over the phone, by calling: 1800 517 199 or +61 7 3734 1900 

You can only call the phone number 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. 

What can I talk about in my submission? 

You can share as much as you want in your submission.  

The submission form has three sections. You don’t have to fill them all out, but you can if you want to.  

The first section of the form will ask you about: 

  • Any experiences of violence, abuse or neglect (link to other post) 

  • Any complaints you might have made, and what happened after you made the complaint 

  • Any concerns about the accessibility of services for people with disability. 

  • If you support someone with a disability  

  • If you have received services that are best practice. 

  • If you have missed out on the help you need because of your age, gender, sexual orientation or other part of your identity. 

  • If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, how has this stopped you from getting the help you need?  (If at all). 

  • What could be done better to create safe spaces for people with a disability? 

  • What is already working well to create safe spaces for people with disability? 

The second section is a chance for you to say anything else about your experience that you want the Commission to know. 

The third section asks about demographic information.  

You will be asked about: 

  • Your email address 

  • Your phone number 

  • Your age 

  • Where you live 

  • Your gender 

  • If you are an Australian citizen 

  • If you identify as LGBTQIA+  

  • If you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander (First Nations)   

It is important to know that at this stage, submissions made to the Disability Royal Commission are NOT anonymous. This means that your name will be attached to your story. 

If you don’t want the Commission to know who you are, there will be an opportunity later to make an anonymous submission. This means that no one will know that your submission is about you.